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Former Charlotte Bobcats making noise in the pl...

Apr 18 2011 04:47 AM | ziggy in Emeka Okafor

While I was watching the playoffs this weekend, I found it fascinating how many former Charlotte Bobcats that there were playing a significant role in this year's playoffs. Since our squad isn't going to play another relevant game until November-ish, I...

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Bobcats fall to New Orleans

Jan 16 2011 11:19 AM | Andrew Barraclough in Emeka Okafor

New Orleans is another one of those good teams, coming into last night's game 24-16, that the Bobcats have to beat.  Well, they had a chance but squandered it by regressing.  Too often last night the 'Cats fell into old habits of complaining, protestin...

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Charlotte Bobcats at New Orleans Hornets, speci...

Dec 02 2010 02:47 AM | Andrew Barraclough in Emeka Okafor

My Dad, since I moved in with them back in May, has tried to support my Bobcats habit.  I think it’s because Mom told him to.  “Honey, the only thing your Dad and I worried about with you moving up here was you missing out on your Bobcats.  Isn’t that...

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Charlotte Bobcats lose to the New Orleans Horne...

Feb 07 2010 04:20 AM | ziggy in Emeka Okafor

There are many good ways to spend a Saturday evening. Unfortunately for us Bobcats fans, none of those ways involved anything that happened in last night's Bobcats game. For starters, we had Emeka Okafor come back to town. Emeka is a nice guy, and t...

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Please welcome Stephen Jackson and Acie Law

Nov 16 2009 01:42 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Emeka Okafor

espn.com's Marc Stein is reporting that the Bobcats have shipped Raja Bell and Vladamir Radmonovic to the Golden State Warriors in return for Stephen Jackson and Acie Law. Jackson had been disgruntled to say the least in Golden State and I believe h...

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Swap Meat?

Jul 29 2009 12:44 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Emeka Okafor

I love the movie Bull Durham.  Kevin Costner calls Tim Robbins "meat" the whole time.  You know what he means but "Nuke" doesn't.  My old roommate and I started calling Chuck James from the Braves "Meat" a couple years ago.  Every time he'd step out th...

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Emeka Okafor traded for Tyson Chandler

Jul 27 2009 03:45 PM | ziggy in Emeka Okafor

Rick Bonnell reports herethat it is a done deal and will become official Tuesday morning. There are 3 people who have averaged a double-double in each of the last 5 seasons: Tim Duncan Dwight Howard Emeka Okafor That's the list... Chandle...

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Greg Oden, Meet Gerald Wallace

Jan 18 2009 09:41 AM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

It was a rough night for Greg. First he had to deal with getting posterized by Emeka Okafor.  Next on the list of bad things to happen to 7 foot rookies who can pass for 47 years old: Greg goes up for a dunk and gets his shot blocked by Adam Morrison....

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Maybe having a team full of nice guys isn't the...

Aug 27 2008 12:40 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

I've been thinking, Maybe having a team full of nice guys and solid citizens isn't the best way to build a roster. Sure Emeka Okafor, Sean May, Gerald Wallace and Jason Richardson are all nice upstanding guys but sometimes you need someone on your rost...

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The Emeka Okafor Photoshop Tribute

Jul 27 2008 07:18 AM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

Restricted free agent Emeka Okafor's contract negotiations has been the primary topic of discussion for Bobcats fans for the past few weeks. So today we decided to bring you something completely different. Drumroll please................The Emeka Okaf...

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Wednesday Evening linkage - The Emeka Chronicles

Jul 23 2008 04:16 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

News, rumor, lies, truths, half-truths and innuendo concerning the Emeka Okafor / Charlotte Bobcats contract negotiations which are rumored to be falling apart by the second.Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer gives us a few sign and trade options i...

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What Okafor Wants, What Okafor Needs--Blogcat's...

Mar 28 2008 05:42 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

As the season winds down and limps to a series of meaningless results, I thought I’d take a look at one of our most significant moves (or non-moves) of the upcoming off-season: what to do about Emeka Okafor. The two key numbers floating around the sit...

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Bobcats Body Language

Mar 26 2008 07:00 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

From the outside looking in, there seems to be something going on this season with the Charlotte Bobcats between Emeka Okafor and short-timer coach Sam Vincent. Also there seems to be friction between Emeka and point guard Raymond Felton. I have to gi...

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Emeka Okafor gets Toxic

Feb 25 2008 04:25 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

I found some quality Youtubedness for you folks today. I'm not sure if my favorite part of this video was Emeka smothering Shaq's dunk attempt, spiking Paul Pierce's shot or cleaning swatting The Big Fundamental Tim Duncan... Judge for yourself....

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Hardwood Paroxysm meets Air Rufus and the Blowups

Jan 08 2008 02:20 PM | ziggy in Emeka Okafor

And he lives to tell about it. Read and Enjoy Hey, even the crowd started to get into it in the final few minutes -- as opposed to numerous lulls in the action when there was legitimately not a sound heard in the entire arena. Fortunat...

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Step 1 to fix the Bobcats problems: Get Emeka m...

Dec 06 2007 03:19 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

In today's Charlotte Observer Sam Vincent had this to say  "We don't need 26 3-point shots. We need to get to the rim," coach Sam Vincent said of his Bobcats' love affair with 25-footers. "We don't need jumpers when we're trying to...

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Emeka Okafor's block on Shaq

Nov 28 2007 02:04 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

This was the lone Bobcats highlight from an otherwise ugly performance in last night's game against the Heat.      

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"O" is for Okafor

Oct 30 2007 04:35 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

 Enjoy this fantastic freestyle  by Papoose found via Youtube!

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Gerald Wallace / Emeka Okafor mix

May 08 2007 02:27 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

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Emeka Okafor > Dwight Howard

Nov 15 2006 05:26 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

Emeka Okafor > Dwight Howard Before you have a spasm over that statement look past the hype and analyze the numbers PPG   Emeka   19.1 Dwight   14.6 This was supposed to be the category that Dwight Howard was going to ha...

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Theres something suspicious about Emeka Okafor'...

Mar 02 2006 08:46 AM | ziggy in Emeka Okafor

When Emeka Okafor went down in January vs the Houston Rockets with his second truly ugly ankle injury of the season, my first impression was the he was done for the year. Stick a fork in him , put him in a coat/tie and a walking boot at...

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The Bobcats injury crisis

Jan 28 2006 12:37 PM | ziggy in Emeka Okafor

The injury situation has become absolutely ridiculous. To put it in perspective, If a quality playoff team suffered the number of injuries and missed games that the Bobcats have had then it would more than likely ruin their playoff hopes and knock them...

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