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Bobcats Body Language

From the outside looking in, there seems to be something going on this season with the Charlotte Bobcats between Emeka Okafor and short-timer coach Sam Vincent. Also there seems to be friction between Emeka and point guard Raymond Felton. I have to give the Bobcats organization credit, if there is some sort of dysfunction or hostility going on it certainly hasn't made it into our lazy assed local media.

via BobcatsPlanet member TheBeagle following Tuesday night's loss to the Utah Jazz.

I think there's not only a massive disconnect between Mek and "coach," there's one between him and his teammates. I never read or hear his name mentioned by his teammates in interviews. Also, at the end of last night's game, Raymond stands at the end of the bench as the team heads for the tunnel giving 5 to Matt, Jared, Jermareo, and as Mek goes by him, there is no acknowledgement, no eye-contact, nothing; Mek just brushes by Raymond, and keeps walking. Raymond stays for Jermareo and Boykins, I think it was, but that was an odd, awkward moment that was captured on film. If I had to guess, his teammates, most of them at least, are tired of his bullshit.

If anyone has any theories or better yet some concrete information on whats going on in the lockeroom, then comment below or email me.