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Step 1 to fix the Bobcats problems: Get Emeka more shots

In today's Charlotte Observer Sam Vincent had this to say 

"We don't need 26 3-point shots. We need to get to the rim," coach
Sam Vincent said of his Bobcats' love affair with 25-footers. "We don't
need jumpers when we're trying to get the ball to Emeka."

would be center Emeka Okafor, who is shooting 54 percent from the field
this season. Not that his teammates recognize that. Okafor took all of
seven shots (making four).

Backup PG Jeff McInnis followed that comment up with this:

"I love playing with a big man. He makes things easy," McInnis said.
"And I've been telling Mek he's got to yell for the ball more. I've
played with Rasheed (Wallace) and Z (Zydrunas Ilgauskas) and they yell
when you don't give them the ball.

"Maybe that's not his personality, but I know Emeka's got to touch the ball more than once every 11 minutes."

I'm happy that rookie coach Sam Vincent realizes that having his perimeter players jacking upoff balance threes and ignoring their only interior scoring threat  is not in his best interest, but it is his responsibility to DEMAND that it happens on the court. If he has players that aren't following his instructions then they need to be benched. There should be no room on this roster for players who are not following the program... especially during a 7 game losing streak.