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Analyzing Gerland Henderson's 2012 Fantasy Value

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Making solid strides and entering his fourth NBA season, many fantasy owners will wonder if we should be expecting a huge leap in fantasy production for Gerald Henderson. The former Duke Blue Devil has a solid jumper, growing range, and a solid all-around game.

He's still just 24 with lots of room for improvement, but it's arguable that the "huge jump" fantasy owners are looking for might have already happened. Considering he plays for an offensively challenged Bobcats team and he's not the full-fledged go-to scorer on his team, his 2011 numbers are quite impressive.

Henderson will look to improve on his 15.1 points per game, along with 2.3 assists, 4.1 rebounds and nearly a steal per game. Henderson hit these numbers last year despite not having a full regular off-season, nor a normal regular season.

The main thing working in Henderson's favor is the team already trusts him. Now that he's in a contract year, he will have every reason (potentially millions of them) to up his game and show the Bobcats that he's a go-to guy that they not only can rely on consistently, but will want for years to come.

At the moment, Henderson doesn't have an elite outside shot, but he's improved in that area (19% to 23% last year), and has been reportedly working hard on extending his range and getting more consistent from three. From his days in college of hitting at least 30% of his three's, we know he has the skill-set to get it done. We also know he has the size and athleticism to be a more all-around shooting guard in the NBA.

The timing could be perfect for Henderson to really come into his own this year with the Bobcats, while showing him he's ready to be a big-time player, and also earn that big contract. His main competition is veteran Ben Gordan, who could eventually over-take him in the starting lineup if he fails to wow the Charlotte brass. However, as it stands, Henderson is coming off of a solid season that saw him improve in just about every way, and there's little reason to suggest he can't at least match it.

And if all goes well, Henderson could be scoring 17-18 points per game and leading an improved Charlotte offense to a better record in 2012-13.