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Busy Week at the office

So we are back training, the coverage from Matt Rochinski on training camp has been pretty good so far. He has managed to get a lot of interviews with players and even one with MJ. However one thing that really frustrates me as a fan is I feel I have seen the same thing over and over. The same vague answers, I have heard them all before. “What did you work on this summer” answer = “errrr everything” or “how is everyone doing at training camp” = “everyone is playing really hard”. These generic answers annoy me, as it’s a chance to see what they have to say and they get away with basically saying nothing. Did you guys see the MJ video? Ask yourself what you learned from watching that, I learned nothing which frustrated me. I am sure he has a reason for giving these “politically correct” answers but sometimes fans just want to here the truth, I would have more respect saying it how it is.

Anyway rant over, it’s been a busy week in the Bobcats front office, I’m going to run through a few of the moves we have made (or haven’t) and give my opinion:

See you later Kwame, and thanks for Stopping by.

Kwame Brown signed in Golden State for one year at 7 million. First of all I want to congratulate Cho, as I think if MJ and Rod were still at the helm we would probably have chased Kwame and paid him. I see this as a success; we are being clever here by not overpaying (because 7 million is way too much). Instead we have signed Melvin Ely, an offensive minded big which should be a bonus as post scoring has always been a rarity in Charlotte. I am not saying this guy will be just as good as Kwame by any means, but he is a big body who hopefully Silas will rejuvenate in the same way he did with Kwame last year.

Underdogs sign Underdog.

We have brought it Reggie Williams at 5 million over the next two years. Reggie went undrafted and has worked his way into this league, I think him and the Bobcats are a good fit as neither have had an easy ride in the NBA. Reggie Williams signing here is good news! He will be having Knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus (just like TT). This is very bad news! Reggie will definitely be a three point threat and can play both SG/SF; this will help for sure as we are weak in depth at both those positions at this moment in time. I think again our front office needs credit here as Reggie was being chased by a number of “bigger” teams as some would call it. They managed to get him for two years AND at only 2.5 million a year which is a bargain! I hope you join me and wish Reggie the best of luck in his recovery and look forward to seeing him on the court in 2012!

What’s Silas got in the Locker?

So it was Media day on Thursday 15th December and the Bobcats had a live chat with some of the players. Unfortunately I had lectures all day so could not ask any horribly probing questions. However I did read the chat manuscript, most questions were pretty boring “who do you like playing against”, “what songs do you listen”, “where do you eat” blah blah blahhh. However there were a couple of points that I found interesting/funny.

One fan asked to Maggette will you be averaging 20 points this year? His reply was this: “That's the plan - not only from me, but we're looking to get 20 from Gerald (Henderson) as well. Corey Maggette” That sports fans, is a bold prediction. I think many people thing Hendo will do well to average 16-18 never mind 20. It makes me think, has Maggette seen something in Hendo none of us have yet? Or is he just hoping and praying someone else can actually score. I think it’s a mixture of both. Either way, I think the management will have told him you and Hendo are our two scorers and we want you to get 20 points per game. My prediction is 17 a game, and I am a Hendo fan.

Another fan asked Boris, what he is looking to bring to the team this year? His answer was this: I'm going to be bringing some wings from Mortimer's to practice! But seriously, I'm going to use my versatility to contribute to the team as best I can. Boris Diaw. Haha Boris very funny… but we all know that you will. All of those who enjoy making fat jokes about the Michelin man… sorry I mean Boris, this is for you. I look forward to seeing some funny pictures of the Sean May nature. He also said he is going to try and put on weight to play centre. The things Boris does for our team, so selfless!

I hope you enjoyed the read, see you in the forum and Tally Ho!

James Plowright, Manchester, England.