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Gerald Henderson under the microscope...

Today's victim of inaccurate calculations.Gerald Henderson has taken the next step, and moved into the starting lineup for the Bobcats this season. As many predicted, he has been a stellar performer through this seasons 7 games. Still we are all expecting his numbers to go up as the season continues. I myself am more than confident in this kid, and expect him to be a starter for this team for years to come. He has been a poster boy for professionalism, energy, athleticism and work ethics since he first put on a Bobcats Jersey, and now he has taken the next step and is showing improvement in every field, showing us that he will become a genuine starter. The debate on how good he is and can be has been going on in the forums, blogs and in Matt Rochinskis gameside chat room. How good is he defensively, offensively and how much hustle does he bring to the table? I usually like to analyze things by the eye, and personally I think he is an explosive scorer and a great all around defender. But lets run the numbers, (I did that for us) how has he been matching up against the opposing shooting guard in these last 7 games? How has he been defensively and offensively? I ran the numbers, and you might be shocked, or maybe not.

In 7 games Hendo's pr. game avg.  is:

pts., 4.9reb., 1.9ast., 1.9 stl., 0.7blk., 2.1to., 2.5pf., 47% fgs., 37%3pt., 6.4-13.7 fgm-a., 0.4-1.13pm-a., in 35.7 minutes pr game.

Pretty good don't you think? but what about his opponent shooting guards. (including Dunleavy, D-Wade twice, J-Johnson, J-Rich, Landry Fields and Anthony Parker)
In 7 games his opponent shooting guards has been avg.
10.2pts., 2.4reb., 3.5ast., 0.57stl., 0.51blk., 2.1to., 2.0pf., 42%fgs., 37%., 5-11.8fgm-a., 1.4-3.53pm-a., in 30.7 minutes pr game.

This puts Hendo up in most categories. He outscored his opponent, out-rebounded them, and outlasted them by an avg of 5 minutes!
This is great work by our Hendo, and did i mention, during these 7 games, he has been outsized by an avg. of 2.1 inches, 7lbs and out-experienced with an avg. of 5.8 years to?
Some numbers gotta count more than others here.

But how has Gerald really affected these players avg.? Where are his strengths and weaknesses in these 7 games? Lets see,
If we combine Dunleavy, Johnson, D-Wade, J-Rich, Fields and Parker in 1 shooting guard, combine their totals and divide it by all 6 players, we find out that they only played and started in 6.5games, opposed to Henderson's 7. So we have to do the math again (which I did for us),. 6.5 games is about 93% out of the 7 games Hendo played. So by taking all 6 starters's totals and adding them up (except from fg and 3pt %), and dividing it by the number of players (6), then fill the 0,5 games they miss (expecting them to put up steady numbers), by multiplying their totals by 1.07 (which should include the last 7% missed playing time), then dividing it by the new number of games (7), we can make a somewhat accurate, or at least close to avg numbers. The new combined guard now avg:

11.7pts., 2.9reb., 3,1ast., 1.0stl., 0.54blk., 1.7t.o., 1.5pf.,  40%fgs., 32%3pt., 4,4-10,9fgm-a., 1,1-3,43pm-a., in 32.9 minutes per game in a total of 7 games so far.
Now we look back at what these guys has avg. against Hendo and look at how Hendo has affected this avg...

avg . - - 32,9 4,4-10,9 1,1-3,4 0,403 0,323 2,9 3,1 1 0,54 1,7 1,5 11,7
v. Hendo - - 30,7 5-11,8 1,4-3,5 0,42 0,37 2,4 3,5 0,57 0,51 2,1 1,5 10,2
+/- - - -2,2 +0,6-0,9 0,3-0,1 +0,02 +0,05 -0,5 +0,4 -0,43 -0,03 +0,4 0 -1,5

So Hendo is making his opponents commit more turnovers, score less points but making them shoot a higher percentage, commit less steals, less blocks, grab less rebounds and last 2,2 minutes less. If you are a stat lover, you might want to start looking at Hendo to become a GREAT player... Ofc, stats arent everything, but i love looking at them from time to time, and after looking at Henderson, these stats might help back up the fact that he is working his but off, at both ends of the floor...

So that I won't get into trouble. I spent the last 4 hours calculating most of these stats on my own, and It's been a few years since i had to do any kind of calculations so.... There might be minor mistakes in here, but i can stand for them being about 95% correct, and If you would like to calculate the variables of change, or try to run the numbers yourself.. Take all my stats and multiply them by 0.95, and you will find what the variable might be (i think?), still, be my guest if u would like to run these numbers over. And if you are having trouble making Dunleavy, D-Wade. Joe, Fields, J-Rich and Parker into ONE player calculating what the stats MIGHT be at 7games played. message me and ill throw you the formula!

And by the way, I bet you are jealous. I've got tickets to the home game vs. Knicks.... Though I spent my life savings on plane tickets from Norway...