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Bobcats lose to the Pacers. Now is the time to reboot.

It wasn't pretty in Indiana on Friday night if you're a Bobcats fan. The Cats lost to the Indiana Pacers 100-92 behind a series of ridiculously open three point shots by the Pacers.  If you are in dire need of a recap, I will point you here. I'm not in much of a mood to write up anything about that sorry game.

Lets get down to the nuts and bolts of this situation. This team as it is constructed now has too many problems  to ever grow into anything special. In addition to being mired at the sub .500 level, if they continue playing like this for the remainder of the season then the fanbase is going to dwindle away. Now I don't believe that I'm jumping to conclusions by saying that, I'm merely taking into account the general mood of the most diehard Bobcats fans ( the members of this fantastic site [/end shameless self promotion] ). Around here the general feeling is that this team lacks effort, lacks heart, doesn't play defense, doesn't guard the perimeter, has puzzling rotations and generally isn't fun to watch this season. If we diehards feel that way, How do the borderline fans feel?

A few of the bigger issues:

  • Gerald Wallace. Crash hasn't really been Crash since the all-star break last season. The same intensity isn't there, and on the defensive end he has had a noticeable dropoff.

  • The rotation. Dominic McGuire getting the minutes and shots that he has makes very little sense.

  • In-fighting among the team. Rumors of that here.

  • Coach Brown. He sounds miserable, like he would much rather be back home in Philly.

Reasons to blow it up:

  • Money. If they keep it as-is, they are going to be playing in an almost empty arena by the end of the season.

  • The fanbase. The product as its structured now must be painfully hard to sell to new fans.

  • Trade value. Up until this season, the thought of trading someone like Gerald Wallace would have seemed blasphemous, but if he is on the decline then I think we should be good students of the school of Belicheck and trade the player while we can get good value in return.

  • Playoffs... That's right, PLAYOFFS. The Eastern conference has been terrible this season, The Bobcats could trade away one or two of our older core players and as long as the players that we got back played with energy and played with effort, we could still sneak into the playoffs this season which would give the fans something to be excited about. I could see 37 wins getting the 8th seed this year. I would rather see a less talented player giving it everything that they have than an All-Star coasting.

This was my 2 cents. Feel free to criticize me, ridicule me, call me names and/or throw sticks and stones at me.

Do you think its time to reboot?