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Ronnie Brewer leads Charlotte Bobcats to a Win

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Yes, the title is correct. Yes I did it on purpose. Yes I know Brewer plays for the Bulls, I just answered all your questions about the title didn't I. Aren't I smart.

So why not write about the Bulls game by thanking the most wonderful person alive. Thank you Ronnie Brewer. Thank you for killing Crash’s ankle, and in the process pissing him off to epic proportions. Thank you for that, and because of that Crash decided to dunk a putback, and draw an AND-1 play, off your hand in traffic. And simply dominate the Bulls team single-handedly. Thank you for chucking away 2 key points and passing it to Deng who missed the three. Uncertain three or certain 2. Uncertain three certainly worked in our favor, so thank you Brewer. You are the man of the match in my eyes, for simply saving us in the 4th quarter.

It was an intense 4th quarter. D. Rose was able to slice through DJ’s, and promptly the Bobcats defense. But then it’s hard for anyone at all to stop him. However right on the wire, Silas put his faith in Gerald Henderson, which worked wonders. Henderson was able to stay right up close with rose, pushing him away towards the three point line. There, he drew him into a very tough fade away and Rose’s shooting isn’t his forte. He missed the shot by a fair margin, a testament to Rose’s shooting prowess and Henderson’s defense. Bobcats win and fist pumps, brofists and happiness all round. Bulls must be disappointed, losing to us again but hey that’s life. A couple of shocking calls during the end of the game, but we pulled it out.

Hot: Derrick Rose. Outplayed DJ who wasn’t able to stop him, and the Bobcats struggled to contain him.

Not Hot: Captain Jack, struggling again. 5-14, although hit a key fadeaway contested jumper late in the game.

Hero of the game: Three heroes really.

Ronnie Brewer for pissing Crash off and falling on his ankle and then screwing up to allow the Bobcats to keep the lead. Get's spartan kicked in the back for his troubles. Much love to you Brewer.

Gerald Henderson for his last 3 seconds of defense on Derrick Rose. Henderson drinks Larry Brown defensive techniques for breakfast, eats Oakley defensive prowess steak for lunch and Silas whatamazingdefense beefcake for dinner, and then GETTHATSHOTOUTTAHERE icecream for dessert. What a machine on defensive. Also showing some offensive prowess, but that's for another time.

Crash for carrying us on his extremely broad shoulders during the fourth. Turned into beast mode during the 4th quarter, grabbing rebounds left and right and throwing that putback down HARD. Crash drinks packets of his own blood for breakfast. That's how much of a machine he is. Not to mention his SPARTAN kick on Brewer to get that homo off his ankle. Damn right Crash, you don't take that from him. Madness? This is BOBCATS!

Who’s got legs: (in un/loving memory of Tyson 'Got No Legs Bro' Chandler) : Crash had legs, mighty fine ones also. Full of beasty muscles and tendons, not to mention huge capillaries to power those damn fine legs. Crash for legs of the year. Pulled down 16 boards, 5 of them offensive. Also dunked a massive putback, which made the Bulls fans shut up.

Doesn’t have legs: Tyrus only had 2 rebounds in 22 minutes. Denied by Gibson during a dunk attempt in which he didn't really elevate. Pick up your game TTime.

Who’s rolling: DJ had 15/5. Again in double figure scoring, hit some BIG shots during key points in games. Staying aggressive and looks mighty fine out there. Anyone up for DJ to shave his beard? Never seen him without facial hair. DJ, if you read this, shave your beard for me. You're probably wondering who I am, I'm the sole Aussie fan of Bobcats, so please shave it for me. Much love in advance, TooCool.

Who loves playing time: Matt Carroll had an ‘officially’ recorded time of 2 seconds playing time. What a beast. Those 2 seconds, Bulls probably wanted to forfeit the game so Silas had to take him out.

The Good:

- A Win
- Crash looked dominant 4th quarter
- Bench is a lot more solid than Larry Brown era
- Only 7 turnovers, far better than previously

The bad:

- Captain Jack’s shooting
- Rose dominating DJ, although I don't fault DJ since it's almost impossible to stop Rose.

The Ugly:

- Joakim Noah’s face
- 11 blocked shots to Bulls

Overall a one point win to the Bobcats, but it's a win I'm sure all of us Bobcats fan would take.