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The Season of Giving

Dec 04 2008 09:30 PM | ziggy in Jason Richardson

It’s a common cliché, particularly at this time of year that it’s better to give than to receive. This selflessness has been on display with the Charlotte Bobcats, both on the court and off. For Thanksgiving the team served dinner to underprivileged ch...

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Youtube footage of J-Rich's Rampage against the...

Jan 10 2008 04:07 PM | ziggy in Jason Richardson

Maybe rampage is an understatement for what he did against them... Judge for yourself.  

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The Wisdom of Russell

Aug 08 2007 12:31 PM | ziggy in Jason Richardson

You have to love a blog that recognizes that the Bobcats offseason has been severely under-hyped while simultaneously hating on KG and the Boston Celtics organization. With that being said, I think all Bobcats fans will enjoy this blog entry from Russe...

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Jason Richardson dominates Youtube

Jul 29 2007 01:44 AM | ziggy in Jason Richardson

I was surfing around Youtube this morning and noticed that their had been 7 videos released of J-Rich in just the past week. Theres an amazing amount of love for him out there in Youtube-land. Sit back and enjoy a few. Jason highlights from high sch...

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Draft Recap

Jun 29 2007 01:07 PM | ziggy in Jason Richardson

Wheewww… I don’t know about you guys, but this is a proud day for me and a disappointing day for me at the same time. I am very proud that MJ and Bob are willing to dish out some money to put fans in the stands and win now. Of course thoug...

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