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Kareem Rush wants REVENGE!!!

Oct 18 2006 02:46 AM | Guest in Kareem Rush

Kareem Rush is hoping to find a home with the Seattle SuperSonics. In his words: Tacoma News Tribune   “I think I can fill a role that this team needs, which is to knock down shots consistently,” Rush said. “That’s wh...

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The 2005-2006 Kareem Rush Award!!

Apr 11 2006 02:46 AM | ziggy in Kareem Rush

Here at BobcatsPlanet.com we're looking for nominees for the 2005-2006 Kareem Rush award. What the hell is the Kareem Rush Award you ask? Let me explain... This is the award that goes to the softest and laziest player in the NBA. Kareem isn't eligible...

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The Charlotte Bobcats and the Five year plan

Feb 24 2006 02:46 AM | Guest in Kareem Rush

The Charlotte Bobcats front office has spoken many times about long term goals and not making quick fixes  to improve the team over the short term, but I fear that they've taken that to another level. On the radio the other day, Team president...

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What the Hell happened to Kareem Rush?

Feb 17 2006 02:46 AM | Guest in Kareem Rush

When he came out of the University of Missouri, he was touted as a can't miss prospect, An athletic scorer with a silky jumpshot. Take a look at these two predraft assesments of Kareem's NBA prospects:  Major stroke from the college 3-point line,...

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What we've learned...

Feb 01 2006 08:52 AM | ziggy in Kareem Rush

With the way that this season is turning out, there aren't a whole lot of positives to talk about. Even though we're only half way through the season, this year is basically shot. There have been so many injuries that its been very difficult to achieve...

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Kareem Rush's latest injury

Jan 20 2006 01:26 PM | ziggy in Kareem Rush

It appears that Kareem Rush is going to be out an extended period of time with another injury. This time around its a sprained finger... Not a broken finger, but a sprained finger thats going to keep him out for multiple games. His story is that anytim...

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