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We're Back!!! Free Agency 2011

First of all I just want to say it’s a privilege to be asked to Blog every week for Ziggy aka the Godfather of Bobcats planet. Over the last few years I have come to respect people’s ideas and thoughts on here more than anywhere else. I am not saying I don't sometimes think what the h*ll are you talking about. I hope people enjoy my point of view, even if for some crazy reason you wouldn't agree with me, seriously why wouldn’t you? I must be the only Bobcats writer to not have any affiliation with either the mighty UNC or what’s that other team the Duke Blue Firbys? I mean Devils! Anyway, please excuse my poor jokes making fun of my own stereotype. It's a poor excuse to try and make you guys laugh, without British sarcasm I don’t have anything. Anyway, this article is going to be on some free agent targets we should have for this mini offseason. I just think everyone should understand how intense this free agency period will be. Imagine all those rumours you hear over summer, they have all been saved until now. So all I am saying is be careful what you believe.

Kwame Brown:

1) We are normally weak at centre, we always have been, and we still are. If someone told me I would be writing an article saying how the number 1 free agent we should look to realistically sign is Kwame Brown then I would have eaten my British top hat and used the Queen’s name in vain. However our only centre on the roster is Desgana Diop *Sigh* (who may be cut due to the new amnesty clause in the CBA), who has just come back from a ruptured Achilles. We can get away with playing TT, Diaw or perhaps Biyombo for some of the time, but they will get battered night in night out, especially in this intense season with 2.9 games a week instead of the usual 2.5. Kwame last year was one of the great surprises of the bobcats, Charles Oakley really seemed to get him playing to a higher level than he had for many years. However that has backfired to some extent, now he is being chased by the likes of Miami who are desperate for a cheap veteran big man who can contribute. The draw of winning must be huge in Miami, but I think all of us feel inside the Kwame might repay the faith MJ and the fans had in him by re-signing. He has already said he loves working with Paul Silas.

My Offer: 9 Million-3 years. (I think we will have to give him more years than we want for him to re-sign)

Jonas Jerebko:
2) Not heard the name before? Jonas didn’t play at all last year due to an Achilles injury. But before that he was one of the best rookies of his class, playing both SF/PF and one of the Pistons fan favourites. The bobcats are short at SF; we have the injury prone Corey Maggette and Dante Cunningham who was gave a qualifying offer to. I think signing Jerebko would keep in line with the rebuilding process, his hustle and ability to stretch the floor and go inside would be very useful. I am not saying getting hold of him will be easy; the Pistons like him as much as anyone and can match any qualifying offer that comes in for him. However the Pistons do have a logjam at SF/PF with Austin Date/Charlie Villanueva/Vernon Macklin/Chris Wilcox/Greg Monroe/Tayshaun Prince/Kyle Singler. Now I know most of those are power forwards but the point still stands, if we made an offer they might struggle to match it. If any of you are worried about his in: http://www.detnews.com/article/20111...ed-from-injury

My Offer: 16 Million- 4 years

Josh Mcroberts:

3) I know you might be thinking, why are you saying lets sign all these injury prone players? Well, because I think we can get them on the cheap and if they stay healthy they will be very useful. The Bobcats have always been underdogs who have not been given the respect they deserve, and we hate that. However, there are many players out there who are in the same boat, they just need a chance. Josh Mcroberts is coming off his best season ever in Indiana. I don’t want to run through all the stats, I will let you do that at the link above but I will point out he got those stats at just 22 minutes a game. Plus he shot .383% from 3 (ok no more stat attack). Again as I mentioned before, we may struggle at SF, so someone like Mcroberts could be useful (+plus he is a Dukey, oh wait that doesn't matter). Also Josh Mcroberts bring T H I S...

Love it how the Bobcats make two appearances getting dunked on.

My Offer: 10 Million-3 years (3rd year team option)

I hope you enjoyed the read, see you in the forum and Tally Ho!

James Plowright, Manchester, England.