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And Here Are Your 2011 Charlotte Bobcats---


If you’re wondering why the line is blank, it’s because we don’t really know who the team is going to be just yet. When training camp opened Friday the team didn’t have more than 10 players under contract. Now of course that number stands to grow in the coming days, but then the question remains who the team will actually sign.

It’s pretty much a given that His Airness is not going to sign any big name talent. I could on about this point at length, but I think my fellow Bobcats bloggers have done a good job in their most recent posts. No need for me to rehash their thoughts. That leaves the question of the day being this—who will the team actually sign?

One guy we know they got is Derrick Brown. If you’re asking who, you are not alone. Without the beauty that is the internet I would not have known myself. From what I can see, it is pretty clear that this guy is filler. If we didn’t like him the first time around enough to keep him in 2009, how will this season be any different?

Luckily, it will not be. Head coach Paul Silas says he doesn’t expect Brown to be more than a reserve player.

Negotiations are still on going with starting center Kwame Brown (yes—I said starting). It is still seems a bit strange to call this guy a starting center or to even say his name without cringing. The man may have started his career in the NBA in dreadful fashion, but he wasn’t bad last year down the stretch. He is not a long-term solution—unless he continues to get much, much better. Only time will tell.

Kemba Walker is not under contract yet, but the team expects that status to change soon. The status of his fellow first round pick, Bismack Biyombo, is not so easy to ascertain. He’s still stuck in a contract with his team in Spain, but the team is hopeful that will change soon.

Rumor has it that the team is looking to sign a shooting guard via free agency to compete with Matt Carroll and Gerald Henderson. They made a stab at Mike Dunleavy, but failed to get him. What that tells me is that they are not setting the bar too high here.

I’ve also read that Corey Maggette is expected to be the focal point of the offense this season.

Let me pause for a moment so that can soak in.

Yes, I was a little surprised too. He has been a good player, but I don’t think I’d ever call him good enough to be the man anywhere he played (at least not for a team that expects to win). Let's hope that Kemba Walker or Bismack Biyumbo (assuming he makes it over) can help take some of the load off of Corey here.

I can appreciate his desire though. He looks to be the elder statesman on the team this year with 12 seasons under his belt. Maggette has stated that wants to be a leader; someone who can show the young guys that the Bobcats are going to have the ropes.

Hearing him say that kind of makes me look at these guys as the “Major League” of the NBA (awesome 1989 baseball movie in case you didn’t know); a bunch of older guys that no one else really wants and younger guys that no one else thinks can play. If that ends up being the case then we are in luck because those guys made the post season!


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