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Charlotte Bobcats News and Notes 5/10

phillyBurbs.com - Matt Carroll is excited about playing for Larry Brown

While Carroll isn’t a typical Brown player — read: a defensive-oriented, blue-collar guy — he is an excellent shooter, having finished ninth in 3-point percentage this season for the Charlotte Bobcats, and a hard worker. Carroll came away from his meeting with the 67-year-old Brown liking what he heard and anxiously awaiting the start of training camp.

Bobcat Bonfire - GWIII comments on the Charlotte Observer blog commenters. I cosign his opinion on them 100%, there are some true whack jobs commenting there.

Deadspin - posted an article 2 weeks ago following the Larry Brown hiring where he commented on the sad state of the Charlotte Bobcats blogging community. Hey Will, between our blogs and forums, we had it all covered here at BobcatsPlanet.

Welcome to the Bobcats Larry Brown

Day One of the Post Sam Vincent Era

Larry Brown Is Our New Coach!

Larry Brown's Staff

Larry Brown: International Fashion Plate

Larry Brown hiring media reaction thread.

Who is or is not a "Larry Brown type of guy" on our roster?