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Charlotte Bobcats Could Use a Center

He wasn't the best option in the league, but Kwame Brown gave the team a serviceable big man to play with. Had Bismack Biyombo been able to get out of his Spanish league contract, he would have likely logged some minutes there as well in order to ease the youngster to the NBA game.

Kwame has instead opted to become a reserve out on the left coast; yeah, the money is better than what he likely would have gotten in Charlotte, but he’s only a reserve there rather than a starter here (doesn’t make sense to me).

All summer long we kept hearing about how Bismack Biyombo was going to get out of his Spanish contract and make it to the U.S. in time for the season. Well, Sports Fans, it looks like that is not going to happen after all. To make a long story short, it will take $4 million to buy out his contract. The team has said it can swing a half mil to help, but the rest is up to him.

I don’t think he’s coming. At least we know we’ll get him next year (maybe the team should consider sending a trainer over to him to help get him in NBA shape…).

That leaves the Bobcats with DeSagana Diop as its only true center; let me rephrase that—an out of shape, 280+ pound DeSagana Diop still recovering from a torn Achilles tendon is the only true center.

Not going to happen, folks.

I don’t like to bad mouth folks, but I have to say a little something here. What in the world has this man been doing over the last year? He knows this team is young and he knows center is a weak point, but he doesn’t get himself in better game shape? The man even had extra time with things being cancelled due to the lockout! As some of the ESPN guys are fond of saying—come on man!

I don’t know the particulars of his contract or the money wrapped into him, but anyone that we have to get in shape to play doesn’t deserve to be on an NBA roster in my mind. Then again, I use to eat Red Vine Licorice like it was going out of style because it said fat-free on the bag so what do I know.

At the time it appears that the team will be left with putting 6’8” Boris Diaw at center—all 235 pounds of him. I do not relish the job he is going to have trying to defend the likes of Dwight Howard and Al Harford (the team will have other things to worry about than Miami’s center Joel Anthony; JaVale McGee might be bigger than Diaw, but I’m just not a fan of his).

So far it sounds like Boris is going to be a team player and do what he can do, but it also sounds like he’s not looking forward to the task altogether either since it will diminish the team’s chances for the playoffs.

Maybe the team will get lucky and the new guy, Melvin Ely will pan out. I have to say I’m a little skeptical of him since the team is talking about shifting Diaw to center. Then again, Silas worked wonders with Kwame…

I’m a little excited to see what the team can do going small; that is going to mean one of two things: a lot of scoring and a quick, fast paced game or it just will not work and the team is going to get decimated.

The only other hope is to get someone out of free agency or in trade, but with all the young, unproven talent on the team they would likely have to give away a lot just to get a single solitary player (not worth it).

So what do you thing Bobcats fans? Anyone worth chasing in free agency?