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Will MKG be the 2013 NBA rookie of the year?

What are the chances that at the end of this season Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is the player that is awarded the 2013 NBA rookie of the year award. I think it is much, much better than people realize for a number of reasons.

  • His energetic style of play is a style that will catch the voters' eye

  • The small forward position is wide open for him. He should get all the minutes that he can handle from day one

  • Mike Dunlap's defensive minded approach should fit him perfectly

  • The Charlotte Bobcats have the biggest room for improvement. A 20+ jump in the win column is not something that is very far fetched. In fact even if they could improve by 25 wins they would still only go 32-50.

Looking at the odds, william hill betting has his chances at 6:1 to win the rookie of the year award. Some of his top competitors for the award are:

  • The unibrow at 7:4

  • Damian Lilliard at 6:1

  • Bradley Beal at 6:1

  • Thomas Robinson 10:1

  • Harrison Barnes 10:1

So what do you think? Can MKG win the rookie of the year award or do you think one of the other rookies has a better chance?

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