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PJ Hairston

P.J. Hairston's role on the 2014 Charlotte...

Oct 03 2014 11:08 AM | InProblematique in PJ Hairston

So, I'm curious what you guys think about P.J. Hairston this year. Naturally, he would have gotten more minutes if we hadn't signed Lance, so a lot of his minutes are going to be eaten by other wings. But Hairston was billed as one of the most NBA-read...

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PJ Hairston - YMCA Altercation

Jul 06 2014 08:12 PM | krazyrumpshaker in PJ Hairston

Seeing lots of posts on twitter saying that PJ punched a minor at a YMCA in Durham. Not sure how credible it is. Even if it is not true, it is disheartening that he would continue to be mentioned in things like this.

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