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Primoz Brezec lets Stuff the Magic Dragon feel the wrath of his almighty pimp hand

Since Primoz "The Slovenian Butterfly Gangster" Prezac was traded from the Bobcats earlier this season he has become stranger and more deluded  by the day. Take a gander at this account of Primoz' behavior during a recent Orlando Magic game:

Doug Smith's Toronto Raptors blog via Realgm

What you didn’t see

And neither did I but a spy sitting courtside tells me during one
timeout the Magaic mascot, a not particularly fearsome looking dragon,
was goofing around near the Raptor bench.

Seems Primoz Brezec, for some reason known only to Primoz Brezec,
took great umbrage at a stuffed animal having fun and slugged the
thing. Then he tells him, ‘bleep you, I’ll bleep you up.’

Yeah, that’s ‘manning up’ like the best of ‘em, smacking a mascot

Bush league, if you ask me.


If anybody asks me, my money is on Stuff the Magic Dragon to defeat Primoz in a best of 7 steel cage death match... If it ever comes to that.