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Random Stupidity: The Slovenian Butterfly edition

Its time for more Random basketball stupidity from around the web:

  • Basketbawful,  reminisces over the classic Alan & Jerome commercials that were produced by the NBA.
  • The MightyMJD captures the final heartfelt letter from Barbaro .
  • Your New York Knicks discuss last night's beatdown by the Charlotte Bobcats, who by the way are just 5 games out of playoff contention in the Eastern conference.
  • NuggetsNoise comments on the beatdown before that.
  • I don't care if Tim Legler is a former NBA Baller with millions of dollars in the bank, He is still severely outclassed by his new fiancee. courtesy of WithLeather.com
  • DetroitBadBoys has cool T-Shirts... So do we Cool
  • And finally, because his fragility, his brittleness and the remarkably delicate way that he approaches rebounding and defense, The fans at BobcatsPlanet have decided that Primoz Brezec's nickname shall from this point be... The Slovenian Butterfly.