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Yao Ming -vs- Primoz Brezec

Sunday evening at Bobcats arena we'll have a matchup of two of the NBAs most dominant big men... not so much.

enters Sundays game with these gaudy numbers: 22.3 points, 10.8
rebounds, 2.7 blocks per game, 3.0 assists while shooting 50.5% from
the field.

Starting Bobcats center Primoz Brezec will bring his 1.6 points, 1.8 rebounds, 0.2 blocks and 30.8% FG shooting to the party.

In our forums
the clamoring has been getting loud to slide Emeka to the 5 (where he
belongs) and start one of our rookies Jared Dudley, Jermario Davidson
or 2nd year player Walter Hermann at the 4 and go with a small ball
lineup.  If coach Sam Vincent insists on keeping Emeka at the 4,
we could even live with Ryan Hollins in the starting lineup at the 5
and keeping Emeka at the 4. But what we can't live with is the
absurdity of starting a center that is statistically the worstrebounder at 1.8 per game of everyone at all positions on the 12 man active roster and the worst scorer on the roster at 1.6 points per game.


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