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Raymond Felton

Home sweet home: Bobcats beat Thunder (100-92)

Mar 18 2010 02:51 AM | BRNC in Raymond Felton

The Thunder vs. the Bobcats 3/17/10 There are times when you have to step-up and say "this is my place" and then prove it. The 'Cats did just that with a hard-fought victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Bobcats, without All-Star Gerald W...

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Bobcats find the road is a very dangerous place...

Jan 23 2010 03:30 AM | ziggy in Raymond Felton

Well, it had to happen sometime. I suppose it was slightly unrealistic for us Bobcats fans to assume that the 'Cats were going to breeze through the remaining 42 games of the schedule beating each and every one of their opponents by 40+ points all whil...

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Confusion Pervades

Dec 29 2009 02:00 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Raymond Felton

For weeks now, possibly all season, I've struggled for words to put in this space.  I could call it writers block but I'd rather call it what it is and that's confusion.  One night I'll start right after work, I even have a draft on here, "The Marked I...

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Defense, Speed and Finishing

Nov 26 2009 04:44 AM | Andrew Barraclough in Raymond Felton

When you move quicker than your opponent, basically in anything, you're going to win.  I think that's the best attempt I've ever had at a Sun Tzu quote that I made up on the fly.  I'm sure that might be in one of the Zig Ziglar books my Dad gave me or...

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Dont sound the alarm just yet...

Nov 22 2009 02:53 PM | BETCATS in Raymond Felton

"These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is n...

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My Hero Black Tie Gala

Oct 26 2009 03:14 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Raymond Felton

Fancy pants...look out BigCat is invited to a Black Tie and Tennis shoes Gala!  I think this is my first "Gala."  I really don't know what Gala means but I'll tell you what my experience was like. This is the 3rd Annual My Hero Black Tie/Tennis Shoes G...

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Raymond Felton on Ballhandling

Aug 07 2009 06:09 AM | ziggy in Raymond Felton

Here is a cool little Youtube  video where Raymond Felton ( along with Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant) talks about ball handling. Enjoy!

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Expectations and Frustrations

Jul 20 2009 05:02 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Raymond Felton

I'm thinking of my Mom yelling from the other side of the kitchen: "Close the refrigerator door.  If you don't know what you want then obviously you aren't hungry!" This seems to be the thought process over at 333 East Trade these days.  "We just...

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Future Bobcat? Terrence Williams.

Jun 03 2009 07:24 PM | ziggy in Raymond Felton

At first glance Terrence Williams seems like he would be a perfect pick at #12 for the Bobcats in the upcoming draft. The  Bobcats are looking at SG depth to backup or challenge Raja Bell, Williams has legit SG size at 6'6" & 1/4 in shoes, he plays exc...

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Is DJ Augustin really the future?

May 14 2009 07:42 PM | TeeJ in Raymond Felton

When Larry Brown took over the Charlotte Bobcats, he thought that an area of need was point guard. That's why, even though the team supposedly promised Stanford center Brook Lopez they would draft him with the 9th overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft, Co...

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Bobcats lose to Thunder: We are mathematically...

Apr 11 2009 08:04 AM | ziggy in Raymond Felton

It's official, We are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Group Hug anyone??? Ewwww... Maybe not. The problems that we had against the Thunder tonight were really a microcosm of the ones that have popped up this season. Problem #1 - Ray...

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The Top 10 Charlotte Bobcats Motivational Posters

Oct 14 2008 06:36 PM | ziggy in Raymond Felton

All of these are a result of the mayhem taking place in this threadin our forum. Enjoy! 10.  Results 9 through 1 after the jump   9.   8.  7.  6.  5.  4.  3.  2.  1.  If you'd like to join in on t...

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Blogcat's Take, 3/10

Mar 10 2008 11:02 AM | ziggy in Raymond Felton

Just to show you how I handle success, amidst this miraculous five-game winning streak, the first thing I like addressing is Tom Sorensen’s recent “Nobody Cares” article in the Charlotte Observer.  First of all, Tom Sorensen has...

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Today marks the end of the Jeff McInnis era

Feb 29 2008 01:19 PM | ziggy in Raymond Felton

Minutes ago the Charlotte Bobcats waived Jeff McInnis. The explanation given was that this would give him an opportunity to hook up with a playoff team. It makes perfect sense, right? Take a look at the stats for Jeff's last 5 games. What playoff tea...

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Bobcats: News and Notes 9/22/2007

Sep 22 2007 03:09 AM | ziggy in Raymond Felton

In a recent interview linked here Raymond Felton discusses how hes been spending his off season, Sean May's focus, the Jason Richardson acquisition, his role in the new up tempo offense, Adam Morrison's basketball IQ and the critical need for the Bobc...

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The latest Raymond Felton mix from Youtube

Nov 17 2006 04:35 PM | ziggy in Raymond Felton

One thing that you can see from this video is that nobody can stay in front of him he when he wants to drive to the basket. When you watch the video, you'll see that theres a lot of Tony Parker in Raymond's game with a touch of Kevin Johnson thrown in...

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2006 All-Rookie Team Hypocrisy

May 04 2006 08:46 AM | ziggy in Raymond Felton

All-Rookie Team Hypocrisy The 2006 All-Rookie Team was released tonight, The voting was done by all 30 head coaches. Each coach was responsible for selecting the top 10 rookies ( regardless of position ). The first 5 of their selections...

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