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Black Friday Deals

Yeah, the title is a ploy to get more hits...to all you Moms who clicked here after googling "Bobcats Black Friday" I'm sorry, but read up on why your kids are learning bad words below.  Also, we have T-Shirts!  Child's large "Make Love to Pressure" the perfect thing to wear to 5th grade.  To all you sorry racists that googled "Deal with black Bobcats" you're sick, and you're probably wondering why Matt Carroll doesn't get more playing time.  We might go after that below so you might as well stick around too.

The Bobcats are disappointing me at this point in the season.  I wrote that 2-6 isn't all that bad, 5-10 isn't very good though.  2 straight losses to the Knicks and Raymond Felton sting a bit.  Rumors of fighting between the two biggest stars are definite causes for concern going forward.  The Knicks were 6-8 and the Bobcats 5-8, so seemingly evenly matched...then the Knicks got out to some serious leads, Bobcats tried to come back but fell short.

Still second in the league in turnovers, and I assumed towards the bottom in FG% but somehow...3rd?  You figure on 5 more attempts per game...we're talking 4 more points a game and this team has lost 7 games by less than 4 points.  Theoretically, of course...

If you aren't an avid reader of the forums here, we're hearing reports of infighting.  Gerald Wallace, apparently angry over his role, or lack there of in the offense, went to Coach Brown to complain and Stephen Jackson and Tyrus Thomas took offense.  That's the story...not sure of it's validity.  Gerald has taken to his camp out in the corner and let the PG, Jackson and Thomas do the heavy lifting on offense.  He scored 20 in the Tuesday loss to the Knicks but was seemingly absent from any set plays, to my untrained eye.  Followed that bang up performance with 8 Wednesday night.

So...The first few replies to that rumor on our forums were "TRADE ONE OF THEM!"  I don't think that's in the cards.  Gerald is the face of the franchise, Jackson is not good trade bait.  I think it's important to keep Gerald, I just do.  For continuity...you don't want 90% of the jerseys in the arena to be of guys who are either on other teams or out of the league (Okafor, Morrison, May, Felton).

How do they move forward?  I don't have the answers but we'll find out tonight against Houston...tomorrow against Milwaukee.  Larry will figure it out or trade somebody...or implode (he learned that in New York).


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