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Bobcats lose game 4 and the series to the Magic

As a fan it hurts, but having your team lose in the playoffs should hurt.

The Bobcats gave it everything that they had, but in this game as well as the rest of the series against the Orlando Magic, they were simply outmatched. The Bobcats managed to find a way to contain Dwight Howard in all 4 games which is an amazing feat, but they simply had no answer for Jameer Nelson and the horde of three point shooters that the Magic pounded them with game after game.

There were many lessons learned and questions raised during this series and I'm sure that we'll be discussing all of these in great detail on the blog and in the forums. A few to touch on briefly are.

  • The Larry Brown situation. will he be back, or is he off to Philly's front office?

  • If LB leaves, then who will his replacement be?

  • Raymond Felton. Will he be re-signed this summer or will they let him go? Is he the PG that is capable of leading this team to the next level.

  • Speaking of point guards, CP3 was seen at the Bobats game on Saturday (He and Jordan are tight). The Hornets are in the process of selling their team, so they may go into "shedding salary" mode, they have an inexpensive young PG in Darren Collison, so maybe... just maybe they decide its time to deal CP3. Wishful thinking?

  • Tyrus Thomas. In my opinion he absolutely must be signed, sealed and delivered this summer. His 21 points and 9 boards along with his stellar defense is just a taste of what he could give us next season if he comes back and is given starting PF minutes.

  • And speaking of starting Power Forwards. What do we do with Boris Diaw? He has been absent many times during the regular season and was a no-show in the playoffs.

  • The rookies. Can Gerald Henderson and Derrick Brown develop over the summer to the point where LB trusts them with relevant minutes?

  • DJ Augustin. If Ray doesn't come back, Is he capable of running the show?

  • Alexis Ajinca. With Lexi, I have no idea what to expect.

As you can see there are many decisions to be made that are ahead of the Bobcats this summer.

Even with all of these questions ahead of us and the far too abrupt end to the playoffs, I would like to say that we as Bobcats fans are extremely proud of the progress that the team has made this season under Larry Brown.  This team has come a long way from the days of Jeff McInnis, Primoz Brezec and empty arenas and we as Bobcats fans are thankful for that.