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It's so hard, to say goodbye!

To yesterdayeeeeee.......(cooleyhighharmony, y'all).

Raymond Felton, Ray-MOND Felton!  We will miss you, sir.

Nothing official at press time but it's likely that the man from Latta, SC is likely bound elsewhere.  To me this is sad in a way.  Disappointing that after 5 years the Bobcats are so willing to depart with a solid point guard while we have no real options outside of DJ Augustin who has been serviceable but not quite what you'd expect to start on a (former?) playoff team.

Can you blame Raymond at this point for not signing to an extension last summer?  Read this quote from Cory Elfrink at Rototimes.com:

The timing couldn't be better for Raymond Felton. Although he's had a mediocre five seasons, he finds himself atop a very weak point guard class and has a long list of suitors. A year ago, he would have had to compete with Jason KiddAndre MillerAllen IversonMike Bibby, and Jarrett Jack for consideration. This year it's Kyle LowryLuke Ridnour, Jordan Farmar, and Steve Blake.

Mediocre, yeah ok I can accept that classification.  Ray has been nothing but a rock solid PG and player.  Great work off the court as well.  His work with the Second Harvest Food Bank has been fantastic.  When I was doing a bit of research for this post I came across his intention to play in a celebrity golf tournament down in Myrtle Beach.  The guy got an award at the Black Tie Gala, which yours truly attended of course.  I got to meet the man that night and I'm glad I did.

Mediocre?  Did I say that's an ok classification for Ray?  Wrong....Among active players he's tenth in assists per game (not among PG, ALL active players); and with 1.4 steals per game, among active leaders.  He rebounds, plays the entire floor, plays hurt, defensively pretty much as much as you could ask for.  Larry Brown loves him, Gerald Wallace loves him, I love him.  So?  He didn't like the $6 mil/year he was offered last year?  That hurt Rod Higgins, Michael Jordan and whoever else that makes decisions feelings?  Is that what I'm hearing?

Here's a little insight from Raymond's agent, Tony Dutt:  "We are moving forward with the understanding Charlotte does not want to spend any more money, Raymond has enjoyed playing in Charlotte."  Tony has been gracious enough to email me back a few times today.  I really appreciate it, not really having credentials or whatever but he just answered my questions.  I understand their position.  But I've been trying to wrap my head around the team's side of things but I just can't get there.

I guess, it's as Spectresaid: Yes we need him (TJ Ford ain't no upgrade), but we don't have the space to re-sign him.  I figure we'll let him walk due to financial considerations.  Didn't Shinn get blasted repeatedly for letting FAs go because of money?

While I don't think it's along the lines of letting Alonzo Mourning walk, it's a big deal. The team is at $59 and half million, that's no Ray, I don't even see D. Brown hitting under that number for some reason. The cap is projected at $56.1 million.  While the luxury tax threshold is around $65 million, the Bobcats have no desire to get near it.  I'm no CBA expert but I know you pay twice for every dollar over the number, it's just not gonna happen.

So, we move on, Raymond moves on.  Sorry to see this guy leave the team and the city.

You want to feel even worse?  Lots of interest for Tyrus Thomas!  I just saw this from Hoopsworld's Yannis Koutroupis:
"Thomas is someone the Knicks have had their eye on for months. He's currently a restricted free agent for the Charlotte Bobcats, but his value is quickly rising above the $6.2 million qualifying offer made by the 'Cats. For instance, the one-dimensional Channing Frye is sitting on a 5-year $25 million offer from the Suns in hopes of getting more from another team. If Frye, Gooden, and Darko are worth nearly the full MLE than the Knicks could definitely justify giving Thomas $7-8 million a year to pry him away from the Bobcats."

This feed is killing me:  Hoopsworld...  Since I started writing this Alex Kennedy posted that Minnesota is highly interested as well as New York and not only that but they're now reporting that Channing Frye is being offered $30 million from the Suns!  $30 million for a guy who can't do a whole lot more than shoot.  Meanwhile, we have DeSagana Diop on the books for the next 3 seasons at about $7 million each!  Ahhhhhhh!

Sorry I'm done, can't get over it and don't want to make it any worse.