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Welcome to Free Agent Summer

The greatest summer of all time!  The GREATEST OFF SEASON EVER!!!!  Sunday, sunday sunday!!!!!  (That's my montertruck preview voice)

It's actually Wednesday and the fun starts at midnight (technically 12:01am Thursday July 1).  The Bobcats don't look to be players in this off-season.  After going without a pick in the draft last week, adding some undrafted rookies (or summer league invitees, not sure how all that works), extending a qualifying offer to Tyrus Thomas and apparently playing chicken with Tyson Chandler (or Tyson and his people wavering in his potential on the open market), the Bobcats have little room to the self-imposed luxury tax threshold and seem unlikely to sign one Raymond Felton.

Questions abound but it is fun to sit back and watch the drama play out on the national stage between Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, A'mare Stodumire and all the rest.  The best part as my quick twitter conversation with HoopsWorld's Alex Kennedy pointed out: NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING!

As I reveled in the seemingly comedic, keystone cops-esque national media, I was brought back to earth.  We have nothing, no moves, no money (well, relatively) and seemingly nothing to do but sit and wait and hope one of these young or old guys we bring to Summer League in Orlando pans out.  We aren't in the realm of really thinking Matt Carrol is a viable option as a major cog in a legit team.  We made the playoffs last year, as a 7th seed.  We got swept but then again so did the Hawks (much uglier against the same Magic) and then the Magic themselves got swept.  So, we didn't get one of the top 60 rookies.  We have no shot at any of the top tier talent (that's alliteration, holmes).  Please don't fool yourself into thinking we could get someone in a sign and trade.  No one wants to be the guy who traded away LeBron James or Chris Bosh for Tyson Chandler and a bucket of screws.  Really, it won't happen.

So what do we as fans do?  Enjoy the fact that it's July and we're talking about NBA basketball everyday, often as the lead on Sportscenter?  Actually, as fans of any sport you should be happy that we're not on ankle watch 2010 in Hattiesburg Mississippi on the Worldwide Leader.  I joked about that with a friend whose response was "They'll merge Lebron and Favre into some angry, mutant, indecisive Transformer."

I say, umm, enjoy the theater?  Hope for the best but don't imagine Lebron, Carmello, Paul Pierce or any of the other scenarios that would bring one of the BIGGEST FREE AGENT CLASSES OF ALL TIME here.  (several people are saying Denver is willing to part with Carmello Anthony?)  When I say theater of it, picture this:  Mikhail Prokhorov, Avery Johnson, Rod Thorn and Jay-Z show up at Mr. James' house, knock on the door, "Daaaaaaaad!  A Russian guy, a little guy with a high pitched voice and some comb-over want to talk to you!"

It's just comical to think that this is what it comes down to.  Billionaires, Rap Moguls, old, and I mean old (looking at you Jerry Reinsdorf) owners and GMs pandering and pleading to 25/26 year old kids.  Kids who have made and will continue to make hundreds of millions of dollars.  It's just a sight to behold, truly is.

So what?  The Bobcats are unlikely to do anything in this insane off-season.  Big deal?  Umm, yeah, to me and fellow fans, it's like being the nerdy kid that didn't get invited to the party with the cool kids.  What if Bosh, James and Wade all end up in Miami?  That's 4 games a year against the greatest trio the league has seen, plus 4 against the sure to be better Magic (they have room and are looking to trade), plus 4 against the still good Hawks (remains to be seen what Joe Johnson decides).  It's maddening and fun at the same time.  Just be prepared as we sit on this eve of the GREATEST FREE AGENCY PERIOD EVER!!! that it is likely to drag out and there are too many guys who think they know....when the parties involved don't even know.