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5 Reasons the Charlotte Bobcats make the playoffs this season

1. The removal of Sam Vincent and the hiring of Larry Brown.

Anytime you can move from this









To This

 Then that alone is worth 6 or 7 wins by itself. Supposedly Sam was despised by the players, so much so that its rumored that they even locked him out the locker room at halftime of one of the games. As far as his coaching prowess, The man started Jeff McInnis at PG for the majority of the season... The discussion on Sam can end right there. Larry Brown has his faults, His NY Knicks / Isiah Thomas experience was unpleasant but its safe to say that LB has more coaching knowledge in his little finger than Fine Ham Biscuit has in his entire body.

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2. The return of Sean May


Sean May has played a total of 58 games in 3 seasons because of weight issues, knee issues, knee issues caused by weight issues... Well you get the picture. But its now or never time for Sean, this season he will either play his ass off and earn another contract or he'll be out of the league. Usually when money is on the line you see a players best... Imagine that.



3. Gilbert Arenas' jacked up knee.

With Agent Zero out for the first couple of months of the season, then the Wizards will likely be off to a slow start this season. There are a handful of teams that will be fighting it out in the 6 through 10 range. Bobcats, Hawks, Bulls, Heat, Wizards... If the Wizards fall out of the picture early then thats one less team that we have to worry about.

Bad news for Gil & the Wizards = Good news for the Bobcats.






4.  A Happy (and paid) Emeka Okafor

Last season Emeka had an unproven coach that he didn't like, a contract situation that was up in the air, unsteady minutes and a less than friendly offensive system. Despite all of that Emeka still averaged a double double and shot better than 53% from the field and for the first time played in all 82 games. This season can only be better.








5. The triumphant return of Ladycat Natasha

Without Natasha cheering for the Bobcats last season, The players, the fans... Dammit, the city as a whole suffered for it. Now that she has returned to the Ladycats dance team, all is right with the world and a postseason appearance this season is in our destiny.