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BobcatsPlanet Weird Searches June '09 - The Sean May edition

With nothing much going on in free agency over here in Bobcats-Land, I decided to take a look at my June logs and see what people searched for in order to reach BobcatsPlanet. What I've found is that 99% of the Sean May searches have a similar pattern, Here are a few that I found... Pretty much all Sean May search phrases involved the words 'fat', 'strip' or 'alcohol'.  Certainly this isn't a definitive statement on the public's opinion of him, but it does say something.

  • sean may is fat

  • fat sean may

  • sean may out of shape 2006

  • sean may a bust?

  • sean may strip club

  • is sean may a bust

As far as other non Sean May searches that caught my eye, Here are a few:

  • 3009 mock nba draft   -  ( The 3009 is almost certainly a typo, If not then its the most ambitious draft junkie walking the face of the earth )

  • worlds ugliest kitten

  • guys stick objects up their pee hole   -  ( I have an idea of which forum thread is showing up for the "peehole" search phrase... Trust me, you don't want to go there. )

  • when do bobcats come out     -  ( When do Bobcats come out??? I wonder if they are talking about coming out of their dens at night or ummm ya know... coming out???)

  • fear the cow

  • humiliating embarassing dr visits procedures

  • pole dancing competition nc    -  ( At BobcatsPlanet we are patrons of the arts )

So what do you think?