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Future Bobcat? Dejuan Blair.

I know what you're thinking... Why draft another power forward with weight problems.  While we're at it, lets make him undersized with a history of knee problems. Sounds like a great investment for our number 12 pick right? Ordinarily I wouldn't touch that resume with a 10 foot pole, BUT take a look at this rebound versus potential top 3 pick Hasheem Thabeet...

It's been a while (let's make that never) since I've seen one of the Bobcats almost rip a players arm out of the socket going for a rebound. That rebound was a thing of beauty, Our team desperately needs someone who has the willingness to place someone squarely on their ass if the situation warrants it. Currently we have Raja Bell and... that's about it. Blair has the beef and the attitude to be that guy.

Take a look at this video and witness the power, the Webber-like hands, the excellent handle for a big man and you think that someone with his skillset and his heart can overcome those 3 inches that he is going to be giving up 82 nights per year, Right???

What do you guys think? Is he worth the risk? Should he be avoided at all costs?

Tell me what you think.