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Introducing the Sacramento Kings fans to Sean May

Congratulations Sacramento Kings fans you have just acquired Charlotte Bobcats power forward Sean May.

Kings fans have one of the strongest NBA fan bases on the web ( just witness the awesomeness of Sactown Royalty, Cowbell Kingdom or KingFans.com ) so we felt that it would be the neighborly thing for us to do to pass along some of Sean May's legacy (from a BobcatsPlanet perspective of course)

OK Kings fans, use these items responsibly:

The Sean May is so fat... thread (18 pages long)

The top 7 Sean May photoshops... Lose weight now, Ask me how

The waive Sean May thread

Miscellaneous Sean May punchlines by amour217

- The minute Sean May arrives in Sacramento, California will fall into the ocean.

- That's gotta be a photoshop, because a real Sean May basketball card would have to be the size of a space shuttle

- At Sean May's house, "Draft Party" refers to standing behind Sean after the beans are gone

- Compared to Sean May, Kevin Love is a freakin Somalian

- Oh he's got pull....gravitational pull

OK Sac fans, enjoy having the round mound of microfracture surgery on your squad. As you can tell from the links above, we're a caring bunch here, so if you need us at any time during the season for Sean May support,  we're here for you.