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Wednesday Linkage - 5/11

In my thirst for knowledge and hope for things to be set-up perfectly for next season, I do a google news search on the Bobcats every so often.  Not a whole heck of a lot going on but it's not all shut down at 333 East Trade.

For some reason, the new Lingerie Football team in Philadelphia/New Jersey comes up in my search.  While it's quite interesting and probably newsworthy, it's not really related to the Bobcats directly.  Best headline: Chicks Passing Balls in Their Skivvies

(I scrolled down and WSOC.com has a nice story about how our LFL team has been put on hold...TEASE!)

Bob Johnson is usually good for a story a week. Dude is involved in everything but somehow it all relates to African-Americans or Clinton, almost exclusively.  Not a racial statement either way but a Clinton joke because I don't think the Clinton Group mentioned in this story relates to the former President or current Secretary of State.  Actually, that joke kinda sucks.....wait for it.....you've just been Lewinskied.

I really like the Hoopsworld.com article offering fixes for every team. The Bobcats breakdown from Bill Ingram is way better than anything I've read from the Observer.  That includes during the season and post season.  Step it up Ricky.

I think this has been mentioned on the boards but Diddy, Jay-Z, Hef, John Mayer and SEAN MAY?! How does this kid get a mention?  I mean there had to have been hundreds of people more interesting and more famous than the Blob from the Bench.  This party though, is confirmation that if I ever lose my job here in Charlotte and the Bobcats don't need me, I'm moving to Vegas and getting a job as a caterer or bartender.

I've got no idea what the blogger at Sactown Royalty is talking about.  I do think we have bad luck in the lottery, last year falling to the worst possible spot, our inception year falling to 4th and yeah we've made some picks that turned out not great because of injury or lack of commitment (read: Sean May and Adam Morrison).  But really, inept?  Emeka Okafor is working out well, possibly an All-Star next year, in my humble opinion.  Ray Felton will be back next year and he is coming off his best season ever.  We turned Che Morrison into Vlad Radmonovic, which is just what we needed.  DJ Augustin is going to be great.  SO what are you talking about out there in the city that doesn't matter?

Rick Bonnell spouted off some crap about the depth and what we need or who could fill the spots where it's lacking.  He admits to a "pipe dream," "caution," and "I don't know."  Thanks for a vague loose interpretation of what the Bobcats needs and possible solutions are there, Ricky.  But then again, I am just throwing up links.

Rotoworld quotesthe Bonnell article above but makes the point that Ray Ray is likely to be back in Charlotte next season.  Information from a site dedicated to "fantasy."

How did I forget Eddie House was a Bobcat?

Have we talked about Buzz Peterson officially being gone? As a Gardner-Webb honorary alum, I hate the App State Mountaineers.  But as a person who had 2/3 of his high school class go to App, whatever...it's Buzz Peterson.

The biggest story might be Allen Iverson. The relationship to Bobcats' current coach Larry Brown is the link here.  That's about it.  Oh and he was in town for a day or something.  But so was Michael Crabtree.  Did that mean the Panthers were trading up to get him?

For a team built around 3-4 "good guys" who will work hard, play hard, be active in the community and go after the team concept, Iverson is not a good fit, at all.  If you bring in Iverson you can say goodbye to Raymond Felton, proably lose 2-3 years of DJ Augustin's prime (or at least push it back) and alienate a portion of your fan-base, or likely fan-base.  A lot has been made about "good guys" and "work ethic" and, can I say it?  Race, in this team's history.  I just don't think for the folks that are in "wait until they are good and no one has been arrested" mode would really warm to a guy like Iverson.

For a while he was the poster-boy for Post-Jordan NBA.  Attitude, skill, selfishness, score first, corn-rows, tattoos and attitude were what turned off so many, white, suburban, middle-America-type fans.  He was what was wrong with the NBA.  The whole "practice" press conference, his departure from Philly and the quiet removal from the Pistons this year, has proved that Allen is a talent worth passing on.

Did I mention the only real connection is that Larry Brown coached him in Philly?  There is nothing going the way of this happening except that and the fact that nationally the Bobcats haven't "mattered" yet.  Allen Iverson would bring some attention, but that's about it.

--BigCat Bobcat


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