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Wednesday Morning Bobcats Linkage

Nazr Mohammed is a producer... Wow, who knew?
"Fat Bitch!" is being produced by NBA champion, Charlotte Bobcats Center, and Chicago native Nazr Mohammed, who Watson has known since elementary school, when they lived next door in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood (blocks from President Obama's house). Autographed sports memorabilia from Mohammed (to be announced later; likely to include apparel and Bulls/Bobcats tickets) will be raffled off at each of the five "Fat Bitch!" shows to benefit organizations dealing with young people and self-esteem. Detailed bios are below.

The Moonball Blog gives their thoughts on how the Bobcats will perform in this upcoming season.
Chandler is the archetypal Brown pivot: Long, defensive oriented, and willing to accept little or no offensive role. Though Charlotte was roundly panned for the Okafor-Chandler swap, if the 26 year old veteran of 8 NBA seasons can stay healthy, Tyson is about to go off anchoring the Bobcat D.

Former Bobcat Sean May likes 1 thing even more than Krispy Kreme glazed donuts... and that thing is Gossip Girl?!?

Will the Bobcats be adding yet another Tarheel? If Rashad McCants has anything to do with it, the answer is yes.