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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Golden State Warriors Preview and Pick

Now this is more like the Charlotte Bobcats we've come to know and secretly love. While it's funny for a second, there's not much good that comes out of a seven game losing streak. In fact, the only good that can come out of tonight's matchup with the Golden State Warriors is that the Bobcats have a legit chance of ending the skid before it gets to eight. A win would get them to 8-12, and they could really use it before having to prepare for the L.A. Clippers later this week.

While this latest run isn't anything to be excited about, Charlotte has still been mostly competitive recently (save for the latest loss to the Spurs), and they should matchup well with Golden State on Monday night.

For a closer look and predicted outcome, let's breakdown all of the positions and see which team will come out on top:

1. The Point - Advantage: Warriors

Stephen Curry can ball offensively and Jarrett Jack is one heck of a backup point guard, but Curry's defense is a joke and Jack isn't exactly an elite defender, either. Then again, neither are Kemba Walker or Ramon Sessions, so it's tough to give the Bobcats the nod over the Warriors, especially given how talented Curry is. Pure talent goes to Golden State, as neither side plays a ton of defense at the position.

2. The Wings - Advantage: Bobcats

Gerald Henderson is back and him coming off the bench is absolutely huge. That still allows the lengthy Jeffery Taylor to start, while Ben Gordon and Ramon Sessions obviously lend a helping hand on offense. Golden State has Klay Thompson, who is no scrub in his second year, but the depth and overall talent goes to Charlotte, who has several players who can hurt you in a number of ways. Henderson's improving outside jumper is another reason to give Charlotte the nod in this position battle. Klay does have better size and length than Charlotte's two guards, but when you throw in Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's size and athleticism, he and the rest of the Warrior wing men are over-matched.

3. The Bigs - Advantage: Warriors

Charlotte has proven this year that they're no push-overs in the paint, but they're also incredibly inconsistent. Bismack Biyombo and Brendan Haywood can be solid in stretches, but neither bring it to the table every day, and neither are reliable offensive options. Byron Mullens has a nice jumper and an evolving offensive game, but he can't always be counted on, either. The Bobcats have some nice talent that is getting better, but going up against David Lee they look like chumps. Lee should dominate inside and hit his open shots with ease, while bruising rookie center Festus Ezuli continues to pound inside with Andrew Bogut out for Golden State.

4. The Coach - Advantage: Warriors

I really like what I've seen out of Mike Dunlap. He's a solid rookie head coach who has made some great moves/decisions at times. He's also made some poor ones and has seen his Bobcats get trounced in embarrassing fashion twice this year. On the flip-side, those bad losses came to the Thunder and Spurs, and the guy is doing a great job with a young group. Still, Mark Jackson is on the other side working with an equally young Warriors team, and he actually has them looking like a playoff team at 13-7. Jackson gets the edge due to experience and success.

5. The Verdict: Bobcats Win

I know the Warriors are a mirror image from a record stand-point, but I have a feeling Charlotte is going to take this one. The Bobcats generally do a pretty good job of controlling and/or matching the opposition's offensive tempo, and let's just face it, after seven straight losses, they're bound to win one again eventually. I think the bad run ends tonight, with the Bobcats winning, 106-104.