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Bobcats Horrible on Offense in Blowout Loss to Spurs

We get it, the Spurs are the better team. The much, much better team. They've won won nine straight now and their record (37-11) basically is a mirror image of the Charlotte Bobcats's record (11-34). But that doesn't excuse a sorry offensive effort that saw just three Charlotte players score in double figures, and a guy off the bench (Ramon Sessions) leading the way with 22 points.

Plain and simple: the Bobcats stunk on Wednesday night. I should probably be used to it by now, but I just don't understand still how one guy in the starting five can top 10 points. In fact, Kemba Walker only scored 16 points, and no one else in the starting lineup could muster up more than seven.

That's pathetic.

You're supposed to play up to your competition, not so far beneath them that it looks like you didn't even show up.

Obviously Sessions is the bright spot here, but in a 24-point loss, that's simply not good enough.

The Bobcats did hang in there in the first quarter (down 25-23), and it wasn't overly embarrassing at the half (49-37), but their inconsistency in the second half of games reared it's ugly head once again, as the Bobcats got out-scored by 12 points in both halves.

The offense and defense weren't there - at all. Shooting 21% from long range isn't going to cut it. Watching Charlotte go 4-for-19 from deep makes you wonder if they'd be better off just never shooting three's.

And Tony Parker's work on Kemba Walker and the rest of the Bobcats, well, that arguably takes the cake.

Parker was s surgeon all night long, running circles around Charlotte defenders to the tune of 22 points, while dishing out seven assists and grabbing three steals. He shot 9-of-10 from the field and literally did as he pleased. If the Spurs actually needed him to do more, he probably could have had a career night, but instead the Spurs lead throughout and Parker only had to be on the floor for 32 minutes.

It gets worse. The Spurs crushed the soul of the Bobcats, and they didn't even need their big man in the post, Tim Duncan, to do it, as Duncan sat out his fourth consecutive game with a sore knee.

This was just a sorry overall effort, one that once again has the Bobcats on a losing streak with little optimism. Then again, perhaps it's a moot point now. Perhaps the Bobcats should just lose the rest of their games and get the best positioning possible to get a stud in the 2013 NBA Draft.

I know I didn't expect the Bobcats to beat the Spurs last night. I didn't even expect them to beat Chicago two games ago, and I don't really give them much of a chance against the Rockets on Saturday.

But what I do know is that they can play better than this, and they ought to. Walker didn't get it done on either end, but he can't be the only guy that is held accountable. For the starting five to play that poorly is just not acceptable, and the bench needs to be able to offer up more than just Ramon Sessions or a random good game from Ben Gordon.

Those are the lumps you take when you're a young team with a medium of average to below average talent. But this is the NBA, and even Bobcats fans can expect a more competitive team. We saw that team early in the year, and a horrendous December burned that team to the ground.

Let's just hope this new losing streak isn't the start of another rough stretch.