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Not Bad Bobcats

After living in Indianapolis and suffering through the last NFL season with the Colts I learned how to do one thing really well—enjoy the small victories that come with sucking. If there is one thing that the Bobcats have done real well this year it has been sucking, but on Saturday night they gave us a little something to cheer about.

They actually won.

In case you were not aware, the guys played the Toronto Raptors at home and won by the score of 107-103 (another rare 100-point game). What makes the win remarkable is the way that they did it.

Toronto out-shot the Bobcats, .521 (38-73) to .507 (36-71). The Raptors hit eight of 18 three-pointers; Charlotte only four of nine. The Bobcats were out-rebounded 35-28. So Toronto shot better, shot more, rebounded better, and nailed more threes. Typically when that happens a team is going to win. That is unless they totally blow in one other category.


Toronto could not stop sending the Bobcats to the line. On the night the ‘Cats were sent to the line for 34 free throws, 10 more than what Toronto had. Of course what makes it even better is that they made most of them (31 of those 34).

Coaches at every level of the game always preach fundamentals. If you can get the fundamentals right, then you have a solid base from which to work from. Too often fundamentals are forgotten by players. Since the ‘Cats remembered theirs on Saturday they were able to notch their seventh win of the season.

At times they were still the guys we loathe to see of course. The first quarter was not too pretty as the Raptors got out to a 29-20 lead. The second period was better, but time the end of the half hit the ‘Cats were down by 10, 53-43.

Folks watching the game had to be thinking here we go again. That was until the third period when Charlotte caught fire scoring 38 and shutting down the Raptors (and holding them to just 14). Since they are our Bobcats though, they had to let the 16 point lead slip away down to 105-103 late in the final period.

Disappointing? Yes. Frustrating as heck? Oh yeah, but in the end it set us up for a heck of a finish; since we came out on the right end of it-- that’s okay.


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