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Charlotte Bobcats / Atlanta Hawks Preview 11/21

Bobcats/Hawks Preview 

Bobcats hit the road, well 4 hours away, do they fly or drive to Atlanta?  It’d be a bit ridiculous to fly wouldn’t it?  They have been home for, ever.  The last travel day was exactly 2 weeks ago.  It’s only been 6 games straight at home, longest of the year and it has not turned out the way we had hoped.  An early long home stand you would hope would turn into at least 4 wins but it’s been only 2.  The west is not that great this year, the wins have shifted back east.  The Bobcats are the second worst team in the East but there are 4 teams with fewer wins in the West.  Bobcats beat New Orleans and Utah but lost to Toronto, Denver, Orlando and Dallas.  New beginnings down I-85 start Friday night? 

Atlanta was the team that had everyone going “Really?  They’ve won 6 straight to start the season?”  Believe it or not they lost 4 straight after that and just got off the streak against Washington who really seems to have some problems.  If you want to stop a losing streak, play Washington.  If you want to end a win streak, play Detroit right now.  So there’s no real pattern no real streak for either team coming into this game so let’s take a look at the match-ups or actually, you know what?....... 

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what makes the Hawks any good but that’s no different from the casual sports fan in Atlanta.  I know they have Joe Johnson, who flipped off the crowd walking off the court after a double tech in Charlotte a couple years ago.  I know they have Josh Smith who seems like a good player and somehow made his way into the All-Star Game last year.  He’s hurt.  They traded late last season for Mike Bibby, who I’ve never been really impressed with but he filled a need for them, I think?  They have Al Horford from Florida’s championship teams, he’s hurt too.  They have Zaza Pachulia who seems to have a big game when he plays in Charlotte just because the announcer who acts like he hates saying the other team’s player’s names, actually loves saying Zaza Pachulia so it sticks in my head.  Oh and the #1 overall draft pick for no real reason other than upside and motor Marvin Williams who spent a year coming off the bench at Carolina.  

Couldn’t tell you the coach’s name, couldn’t tell you any other players.  I know they don’t draw much of a crowd down there.  They made the playoffs last year and gave the Celtics quite a scare in the first round.  The 6 game win streak was nice for them.  I really don’t have a feeling one way or the other about this game.  I think J-Rich has a shot at coming back but he might skip the trip to get the knee strong at home.  That’s pure speculation because I haven’t read a report.  Can this team get it together?  Is it possible that this sparks a run against some mid-level opponents and all eastern conference teams at that coming up next week?  Larry has hinted at benching May again.  Will that happen?   

Side note:  I just typed Sean May into Google tool bar and you know how it guesses what you might mean and lists the most searched items?  Well “Sean May Fat” was #1, followed by Sean May “Denver,” “Murder,” “Girlfriend” and “Out of Shape.”  I don’t know what Denver has to do with it, really?  Murder?  Girlfriend = Wendy, you know the one with the red hair and the square burgers?  Poor guy, he’s known for one thing now: being not-so-slim. 

So many questions, I just want to see some roundball, can’t think about all of it anymore.  Play hard, win or look good doing it.


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