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Charlotte Bobcats / Atlanta Hawks Recap 12/15

Boris Diaw is officially a Bobcat 

Welcome to the Blue and Orange, Boris.  Big night but lo, it does not pay off in a win.  Bobcats lost tonight to the Atlanta Hawks.  Sorry did anyone else just see the security guard behind Steve Martin and Henry Williams massage his ass?  Back to the game break down, yikes.  Bobcats looked good early and pretty much throughout the first half and into the 3rd leading by as many as nine with 7:16 left in the 3rd.  Larry says we couldn’t find ways to get the ball in the basket in the final 15 minutes and had a lot of blocked shots.  Joe hit some big shots, huh Larry?  Joe Johnson had 11 in those last 15 minutes.  Who was guarding him?   

Larry also sadly said, or monotonously depending on how you read his tone, “I have to find a rotation.  Maybe get Ryan involved more, find a way to get Juwan into the game.”  Don’t mean to hate on a guy with a 1000+ wins and a championship, but umm, NO S#!& LARRY!  Ryan Hollins played outstanding on Saturday night, finishing out the 4th quarter and helping immensely in the big comeback-that-could have been.  Juwan Howard, who has been discussed for 3 weeks, much anticipated signing; I don’t think dude has seen the court.  Now do you want us to trade someone else, sign another guy?  Sorry, sorry, sorry.  That was too much and now I feel like a beat writer for the Knicks 3 years ago.   

I want the Bobcats to WIN!  I don’t see it happening without a reasonable rotation, and when the set rotation doesn’t work I see the mix of players being blamed, the makeup of the roster, not the coach.  Momentum is so big in the NBA and these young guys who are all athleticism and energy needs to have their good games carry over.  Gerald needs time and consistency.  Hollins can play if he gets confidence.  Ajinca played pretty well the other night as well but I see DNP-CD beside his name.  Juwan Howard, why would you bring him in to sit him his first 2 games?  Felton and DJ need to feel the rotation and get used to the guys they are on the court with.  How is that going to come together if they are on the court at the same time, different guys out there with them all the time?   

Do you think Diaw was tired?  40 minutes in his second game with a new team...he was 2 of 7 in the 4th quarter.  Who is our guy in the 4th quarter?  We still don’t know.  So yeah, they looked good.  Diaw looks like a welcome and strong addition.  Raymond Felton with a strong night: 15 points, 7 assists and yes sir ZERO turnovers.  Emeka kind of not great but a double-double, 10 points 11 rebs that would be a no on the blocks, sorry.  Where are they this year big guy?   

The Hawks didn’t impress me, except they found a way to win.  Down the stretch Joe Johnson played like an All-Star.  Points, we’ve already covered, rebounds, blocks.  Just a really nice 4th quarter out of him.  Why wasn’t he stopped?  Hmm, Diaw was worn out; Mek couldn’t keep up with him.  It’s not like they came into the 4th hot with threes and that’s how they got back in it.  Atlanta just adjusted and handled the ‘Cats in the end of the game.  I’m looking forward to seeing how things go tomorrow night, at home (for 9 of these guys anyway.  I’m sure the other 4 are staying at the Westin) against the freakin' Bulls.  Let’s see if Larry realizes what he’s got.