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Boston Celtics

Day one of the post Sam Vincent era

Apr 27 2008 10:14 AM | Guest in Boston Celtics

 News and notes from around the web on the first day following the epic Sam Vincent Error  Era.  The NY Post feels that Herb Williams may be a candidate for the open Bobcats positionSam Vincent was fired by the Bobcats today but I can't...

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A Bobcats fan's take on last night's loss to th...

Apr 06 2008 06:56 PM | ziggy in Boston Celtics

This is how BobcatsPlanet member Keetch felt about last night's loss to the Celtics Frankly I think the fans were the ones disrespected tonite. Count the ways?  I paid $300 for 2 tickets...$300 so that KG Allen and Pierce could stay home and s...

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Blogcat's Take, 12/10

Dec 10 2007 07:52 AM | ziggy in Boston Celtics

It’s been 7 hours and 15 days…since you took your buzzer-beater, Ray Allen—nothing compares 2 U.  Ever since Walter Ray ripped our collective heart out and showed it to us before we died, we’ve been performing worse than a...

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The most painful defeat in the Bobcats 259 game...

Nov 25 2007 02:03 AM | ziggy in Boston Celtics

... Yes even more painful than last season's David Lee tip-in.   What makes this game so painful in my opinion is that this was one of those games where there was a real opportunity for the Bobcats to alter people's perceptions about t...

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Bobcats 92, Celtics 84: Blogcat's Take

Mar 22 2007 01:39 AM | ziggy in Boston Celtics

The Bobcats defeated the Celtics Wednesday night in a game that probably had Red Auerbach stubbing cigars out on himself in the grave. After watching the Celtics squander an 18-point lead, all I can say is, if they want Kevin Durant that much, they can...

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Celtics 106, Bobcats 100: Blogcat's Take

Dec 17 2006 04:29 AM | ziggy in Boston Celtics

Time for Round 3 of this year’s Boston-Charlotte Trilogy, and although it hasn’t exactly been Ali-Frazier, it’s hasn’t been Holyfield-Ruiz either. Once again no News14 coverage (although if you looked close during the last two g...

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