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Bobcats Bench tells Celtics to sit on that pine, in other news KG is a p#$%&

Amazed aren’t you. I am also. Using bench players (except for Wallace) to beat Celtics? Who would have thought that, even with four all-stars and one former all-star on their team. Coming off successive losses to Heat and Mavs, the Bobcats finished triumphantly in a victory against one of the elite.
However it was also toughness that kept the Bobcats in the game. Kwame Brown was extremely aggressive tonight, trying to muscle his way into the paint, and for the most part he did that extremely well. Unfortunately the shots didn’t fall, however until a pivotal moment in the 2nd quarter at 3:25. Kwame and Perkins went face to face, Kwame clearly showing he wasn’t afraid and was not going to back down. Great stuff Kwame. Also enter Najera. Takes an elbow from the dirty KG, but compares him to his grandmother. Later on ices the game with a devastating 3. Lovely stuff from a guy I did not expect to impact at all.
However the biggest story of the night was the bench dominating the Celtics. Shaun Livingston sliced and diced the Celtics with his mid-range jumper, going 7-10 and scoring 18 points. Great from a guy who a lot of people didn’t expect to even be playing basketball, let alone scoring like that. He’s lost a lot of his explosiveness, but Livingston’s sweet mid-range jumper is always helpful.

The other player was Gerald Henderon. 5-13 for 15 points, not exactly an efficient game however he’s slowly starting to demand more attention from the defense. They have to watch him far closer than he used to be guarded, great stuff from a little used lottery-rookie under LB. Henderson has come on leaps and bounds.
Finally, Captain Jack got tossed out of the game. We won. I’m not too fussed if we win, plus I like having Henderson get more minutes. Captain Jack simply needs to grow up. Otherwise trade his ass. Well, I'm all for trading his ass now.

The hero/s: The Bench, especially Livingston and Henderson.
The zero: Kevin Garnett for being a pussy when he’s called out by Najera.
Things to note: Doc Rivers, don’t play Robinson on Livingston. Seriously. No. Clueless Doc? Perhaps
Hot: Ray Allen. 25 points, 9-17. Livingston, 7-10
Not Hot: Kwame Brown 1-9
Hero of the game: Livingston, Henderson
Who’s got legs: (in un/loving memory of Tyson 'Got No Legs Bro' Chandler) : Gerald Wallace. 19 points, 16 boards. 6-16 which was rather inefficient, but I’ll take that any night since he showed up tonight. Please stay Crash and don’t leave.
Doesn’t have legs : Kendrick Perkins. Honestly I doubt this guy has really improved at all since he was drafted.
Who loves playing time: Bench players. Bobcats starters really got some rest since Silas believed in the bench. Really great.