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Day one of the post Sam Vincent era


News and notes from around the web on the first day following the epic Sam Vincent Error  Era.



The NY Post feels that Herb Williams may be a candidate for the open Bobcats position

Sam Vincent was fired by the Bobcats today but I can't imagine Donnie Walsh having interest. But if Larry Brown doesn't go work for Michael Jordan, Herb Williams could be a strong candidate again there.

Williams interviewed with Jordan last spring for the job and Jordan spoke glowingly of how it went. But if Brown gets the job - and he will interview for it - I also believe Herb would be asked to be on Brown's staff, along with Knicks assistant David Hanners.

The Boston Globe reports that Celtics coach Doc Rivers was flabbergasted over Vincent being fired... Obviously he has never seen Sam coach.

Rivers said the firing bothered him "a lot" because he didn't feel Vincent was given a chance.

"I'm flabbergasted that Sam's not there," he said. "This guy's been there one year with all the freaking injuries they have. I don't get that."

Truehoop writes that the rumors are pointing to Larry Brown as the Bobcats next head coach

And now, a source close to the situation says Larry Brown -- a University of North Carolina legend just like Bobcats honcho Michael Jordan -- will be the next coach of the Bobcats.

Five other sources with connections to the team and/or Brown tell me they have heard the same thing, and believe it to be true, although none have specific knowledge of the talks.

BobcatsPlanet members are relieved that Sam won't be on the sidelines next season, however we are a considerate bunch and are hoping that Sam takes the breakup well.

via BCP member DNBMan

Dear Sam,

Thank you for leading our team through a tumultuous season. You were beautiful and held your clipboard well. I will always remember your myriad expressions with bugged out eyeballs as you watched us on the court.

However, I think we need some space. It's not you; it's me. But, you know what, we can still be friends! Maybe you can come to a game sometime! At any rate, I know you're going to do great things in the future.

Take care,

Bobcat Fans