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Fan reaction to last night's Bobcats loss against the Nets

Fans of the Charlotte Bobcats are quickly becoming very disgruntled with the goofy lineups , bizarre shot distribution (last night Emeka Okafor only gets 2 shots in 35 minutes ?????) and mounting losses that are piling up under new Coach Sam Vincent. This was supposed to be the season that we contended for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, but following a 6-4 start this team has collapsed. The players look confused , the coach looks overmatched and the fans are not pleased. 

BobcatsPlanet member WvsMC speaks his mind on last night's loss: 

We had a team that won .402 of their games last year and over half when
we started Herrmann. We improved the team drasticaly and yet we barely
are winning more then a third of our games. Is it the player's faults?
For the most part, no. Vincent ruined this team and our play-off hopes.
If bernie was still here, I can assure you, we'd at least be a .550

Also, if Nazr is only going to get the PT he is now, what
was the whole point trading for him? I'm starting to miss my Herrmann
and Primoz. Really, Nazr puts up better numbers then Mek then what
happens? He gets benched for Mcinnis.

Really, you know who I
want an injury to? Not Mcinnis, I want something to happen to Vincent.
Mcinnis is a good enough PG for back up minutes and maybe starting 1 or
2 games if Felton gets injured. NOTHING ELSE. What more awful play does
Vincent need? REALLY, I feel like I can play better then Mcinnis... and

I loved the Bobcats last year, but it seems like I'm
starting to care less about them, it's like I'm fading away from this
basketball relationship. There just isn't any more I can say... Oh wait
there is... Where are the rookies? Dudley did great starting and
Davidson showed lots of promise. Maybe Vincent's so called "lack of
depth" could be cured, if he half way tried to develop a rookie or 2.
It's like Vincent isn't playing for now or for the future.


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