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The turning point?

Turning Point  

Bobcats win in New Jersey on game one of a home and home series. 

The Charlotte Bobcats held Devin Harris in check, allowing possibly the hottest player not named Lebron or Kobe in the league to 14 points on 4 of 15 shooting.  This is game one of a back to back series against the New Jersey Nets; tonight the same teams face off in Charlotte.  The ‘Cats are 4-1 out of their last 5 games, scoring back-to-back victories for the 3rd time this season, but they have yet to win that 3rd straight, we’ll see how it goes tonight.  When I say we, I mean hopefully I will be included.  You see I’m still at the family home up in the Raleigh area, last night I was dying to watch some Bobcats Basketball but out of the literal 855 channels my parents get, it was not to be found.  The day after Christmas must be the prime day to watch sports on TV.  I know I was about tired of “Anytime, Any Place, the Super Sleuths are on the CASE!” coming from my niece’s new favorite toy, something to do with Winnie the Pooh, but they replaced Christopher Robin with a girl, well kind of girl named DAR-BEEEE!  All I wanted to do last night around 7 was have a sandwich and 5 beers and watch my basketball team but they were no where to be found.  I could have watched the Czar and the Back-Biter call the game on an online feed but my mother was trying to figure out the best way to return whatever     she didn’t want to keep out of her presents and return the belt too small for my Dad.  Ahh,Christmas! 

I have always seen Christmas as the beginning of basketball season; I guess the real beginning for college and the turning point of the NBA regular season.  There are 2 seasons in both.  College has their regular season, sort of split between out of conference and conference play then “March Madness.”  In the NBA there is the regular season and the playoffs.  To get to the playoffs you have to be one of the best 8 teams in your conference, right before Christmas the Bobcats were second to last in the East but a mere 3.5 games out of the 8th spot.  Check out this thread to see what BCP thinks of the chances right now.  I figure the numbers point to the Bobcats needing about 25% more victories over the next 52 games, plus their current winning % of 35, 60% would probably get it.  60% of 52, carry the one and ugh, 31-32 wins over the next 52 games, plus the 11 we have already is 42.  Can the Bobcats be a 42 win team?  Right now?  This year?  What?  I think we need the Super Sleuths on the case….. 

Somehow the Bobcats can’t play the same way two nights in a row for whatever reason, we’ll see if they do tonight, prove me wrong.  New Jersey is pretty good, but who is their coach?  Who is the Veteran Leadership on this team to hold them together and bring them to Charlotte to get a win after losing to the Bobcats last night….Nobody?  Vince Carter has been in the league 10 years and cared for approximately 2, next down the veteran list is Najera, I don’t know him to be a leader, Stromile Swift 8 year vet, Trenton Hassell, whatever….I’m just saying yeah they are currently 7th in the east, Harris is scoring points in buckets but the Bobcats had their number.  Last night with the win the Bobcats jumped 2 of the 6 teams they were behind in the east (New York and Indiana).  Tonight they have the opportunity to pull even with Philly and Toronto.  (All these are in the Win column only) 

See what 3 wins can do?  Then Tuesday at home against NYK, another Home and Home with Milwaukee on Friday and Saturday.  Cap that with Boston at home and I’d say the turning point in the season turns this team into a natural contender for the 7th or 8th spot in the East.