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Double Game Thread: Bulls at Bobcats/ Wizards a...

Apr 15 2014 10:50 AM | ziggy in Chicago Bulls

Double the game thread Double the excitement Double the intensity Double the chaos Double the fun Wednesday night should be madness... To get the 6th seed the Bobcats MUST win and the wizards MUST lose. Both of these game will be going on at the same...

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Jan 30 2013 03:51 AM | Blogcat in Chicago Bulls

Does anyone really want to get into last night’s loss to the Chicago Bulls? Okay, besides Chicago Bulls announcer Stacey King? I’ve mentioned my journalistic respect for King before, and for those of you lucky enough to be living outside the Fox Sports...

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Local Man on My Commute Probably Unaware of Bei...

Apr 21 2012 02:30 PM | Blogcat in Chicago Bulls

I spent Wednesday night watching the Bobcats get pummeled by the Bulls, and then I had to spend the following morning on the subway watching this guy get pummeled by what smelled like Old Gran Dad.  Both visual experiences were equally depressing.  It’...

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Jan 22 2012 07:02 AM | Blogcat in Chicago Bulls

Before I say anything further about the Saturday night Bulls-Bobcats game, I should come clean on two things right up front: Chicago features both my most hated player and my most hated announce team.  Carlos Boozer is the player, and Neil Funk and Sta...

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Encierro or "Running of The Bulls": Bobcats tra...

Mar 10 2011 02:39 AM | BRNC in Chicago Bulls

Maybe the Bobcats are trying to tell us, the fans, something. It could be something along the lines of "now that we have your attention we'd just like you to know that, yes, we are now a bad team". But if you've followed the 'Cats after the trade deadl...

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Tired Bobcats Lose to the Bulls 106-94

Feb 16 2011 03:04 AM | BRNC in Chicago Bulls

The Bobcats, coming off a very large win over the Lakers, traveled to Chicago for another back-to-back game. The 'Cats squared off against the third seed in the Eastern Conference, the Chicago Bulls. Tired legs showed for the 'Cats, but they managed to...

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Bobcats Beat the Bulls at Home

Jan 13 2011 03:54 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Chicago Bulls

As Charlotte thaws from the snow and ice that kept 18,000 fans away from the Memphis game, the Bulls made their way to town, even found a gate to deplane at the airport.  (Atlanta postponed their game against Milwaukee but then again they had dudes ice...

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Chicago Bulls -vs- Charlotte Bobcats Preview 3/3

Mar 03 2009 06:33 PM | Guest in Chicago Bulls

This is going to either be a hump the 'Cats had to get over, or a disappointment.  One or the other.  If the Bobcats win tonight as they did Dec 16 at home, against Chicago, in Overtime!, they will break the 4 straight win plateau that has plagued them...

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Bobcats - Bulls Recap / Late for work linkage

Dec 17 2008 06:32 AM | ziggy in Chicago Bulls

I'm on my way out the door to inhabit my cubicle for 8 hours at [insert giant financial corporate behemoth here], but before I hit the door I had to post a few links recapping the Bobcats' overtime win against the Bulls last nightThe video: Derrick Ros...

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Blogcat's Take, 1/04

Jan 04 2008 10:36 AM | Guest in Chicago Bulls

How many times are we going to see the Bobcats take a large 3rd quarter lead and then fail miserably down the stretch?  At least one more time, apparently, because they did it again against the Bulls on Wednesday.  Do you realize that with th...

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Blogcat's Take, 12/03

Dec 03 2007 11:38 AM | Guest in Chicago Bulls

If I get sent to hell, the best way to punish me would be to have Red Kerr provide the color commentary of my descent, wherein he’d probably complain the whole time that I haven’t been stuck with enough pitchforks.  This would be a fit...

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Taking a deeper look at the Bobcats loss to the...

Dec 02 2007 04:18 AM | Guest in Chicago Bulls

Excellent analysis below on the causes behind the Bobcats 5 game losing streak in general and last night's Bulls loss in particular by DNBMan Wallace, Carroll, Felton, Richardson, and Dudley are all solid NBA players. You could make argume...

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Bobcats / Bulls preview

Dec 01 2007 02:30 AM | Guest in Chicago Bulls

Tonight at 8:30pm the Charlotte Bobcats(6-8) will be facing off against the Chicago Bulls(3-10). How a team as talented and deep as the Bulls can start the season losing 10 of their first 13 games is a mystery to me. Here a ffew theories that I'll th...

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Bulls 100, Bobcats 81: Blogcat's Take

Apr 14 2007 01:09 PM | Guest in Chicago Bulls

The Bobcats traveled to Chicago on Friday the 13th and got carved up worse than a post-coital teen at Camp Crystal Lake. Throwing up more D than Rich Boy, the Bulls held us to 81 points on 40% shooting from the field (and even then only if you round up...

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Bobcats 100, Bulls 85: Blogcat's Take

Feb 15 2007 05:30 AM | ziggy in Chicago Bulls

Before I get to the game, I should acknowledge that the Bobcats conducted a rare personnel move on Tuesday, at last parting ways with Melvin Ely.  I’m really not sure what went wrong with Ely, as I was encouraged by his performance substitut...

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Bulls 115, Bobcats 76: Blogcat's Take

Dec 24 2006 04:38 AM | Guest in Chicago Bulls

One night after shocking the Utah Jazz, the Bobcats looked to make it two in a row in Chicago and, well…hey, how about that Jazz victory, huh? That was really something, wasn’t it? Too bad I can’t just write a follow-up on it. It...

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