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Bobcats / Bulls preview

Tonight at 8:30pm the Charlotte Bobcats(6-8) will be facing off against the Chicago Bulls(3-10). How a team as talented and deep as the Bulls can start the season losing 10 of their first 13 games is a mystery to me. Here a ffew theories that I'll throw out there:

  •   Age has finally caught up with Ben Wallace. Looking at the numbers, his pulling down a modest 7.5 rebounds per game which is 3 under last years rate, and hes shooting 37.1% from the field which is mind boggling because for Big Ben thats another way of saying that hes only hitting 37.1% of his dunks.

  • Ben Gordon is letting his offseason contract talks linger into the regular season. Something is definitely wrong with him, hes shooting a stellar 36.9% from the field.

  • Maybe half of the roster was mentally worn down over hearing their names involved in Kobe Bryant trade rumors over the past 3 months

  • Maybe it could be the Skott Skiles / Tyrus Thomas bickering.

  • Or maybe Kirk Hinrich is mentally wrecked after having this happen to him. 


Whatever the cause of the Bulls collapse may be, lets hope that their team remains a disaster through Saturday night allowing our Bobcats to climb one game closer to .500.


If you'd like to follow the game discussion online you can check out our game threads in our forums or our gameday chats that are available for each and every Bobcats game.  If you'd like to see it from a Chicago Bulls point of view then I highly recommend Blog-a-Bull.