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Chicago Bulls -vs- Charlotte Bobcats Preview 3/3

This is going to either be a hump the 'Cats had to get over, or a disappointment.  One or the other.  If the Bobcats win tonight as they did Dec 16 at home, against Chicago, in Overtime!, they will break the 4 straight win plateau that has plagued them for a year.  They won 5 straight starting exactly a year ago yesterday.  Since then it's been 3 to top out the streak.  I haven't been to a game in weeks and I am just itching to see some live NBA basketball.  I truly dislike Chicago.  From Loul Deng, Kirk Heinrich, Ben Gordon and finally, Mrs. Basketball and chest pounding in College Ball, Joakim Noah.
Don't get me wrong, Vinny Del Negro still rocking the mini-mullet gets me hyped up.  I want Derrick Rose to succeed just because I like good point guard play.  I loved them when MJ was there, but who didn't?  I don't like how they have stockpiled talent and high draft picks and still haven't been able to do anything legit for the years since MJ.  I don't like that their players are constantly debated in trade rumors then no one really significant gets traded (save Ben Wallace last year.  Speaking of....) I can't believe some of the players they've tried to push as the face of their franchise.  Come on these uniforms won 6 championships in my formative years!  The greatest who ever played was drafted and player 95% of his career there.  I hope they come into town, intimidated because MJ might be there (he left early as did many of us in the last home game against Orlando), but more so intimidated by a team on a win streak, on the road, out west!
These Bobcats may have beaten 3 of the worst that the West has to offer but 2 of them were places they'd never, as a franchise, won at before.  Is this a new culture?  Have the 'Cats turned the corner and are they making a B-Line for the playoffs?  (Like yesterday with "proof in the pudding" I need someone to fill me in on B-Line's origin.)  Larry Brown has had 3/4 of a season and the entire summer league and preseason, with most of his "core."  The rest of the main rotation guys have fallen into place and now, I want to see if they are ready for this.  When you read the national previews, it's not about Chicago coming to see the hapless Bobcats or visiting Chicago's favorite son in his awful new job, it's about "Can these guys do it?  Can they make a run, a legit, 4th quarter of the season run into the playoffs?"  I can't wait for tonight and as I hit send on this, we're 45 minutes from tip off and itching to get inside that arena.  I hope I don't return disappointed.
Hey Charlotte, get your spot while you can because we're going to do something, starting tonight!  I mean, seriously, don't you remember wearing headbands in the Barron Davis era?  Well get your mouth-guards ready!  Let's go 'Cats!


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