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Double Game Thread: Bulls at Bobcats/ Wizards at Celtics 4/16

Double the game thread
Double the excitement
Double the intensity
Double the chaos
Double the fun

Wednesday night should be madness... To get the 6th seed the Bobcats MUST win and the wizards MUST lose. Both of these game will be going on at the same time so let's talk about both as they're happening.

What do you guys see happening on Wednesday night?


    Looks like we survived anklemageddon

    great al to the trainers. fricken chicago they are just such try hard assholes lol. so physical on defense its insane. 


    also i dont think i can handle another boozer scream when he has no reason to. 


    jimmy butlers length causing serious problems for neal right now

    wizards up 38-24

    CDR is playing so well for someone who was basically out of the league earlier this season

    Bulls win

    Kemba got a good look at the game-winner, that's a shot he hits. Oh well, overtime it is. 

    Apr 16 2014 08:12 PM
    Guys the arena is insane tonight....everyone was standing for the last minute....love it

    Bulls win


    Not quite yet!


    There's still  some meat left on this bone.

    this game!!! its definitely close to playoffs! love McBob going hard at Gibson. 

    up 4. PLEASE hang on.

    How is that a foul???

    MegaByte Ronnie
    Apr 16 2014 08:24 PM

    holy cow, +1 , nice Kemba! That nifty cat 

    that play was made so much sweeter by the fact it was on a DJ turnover. 

    MegaByte Ronnie
    Apr 16 2014 08:30 PM

    I'm not sure how that last foul wasn't a clear path foul, dude tackled him behind

    How the hell was that not a clear path ?
    How the hell was that not a clear path ?

    I just want to say, and I say this in the most "manly of ways"...:)... that this seasons' play, and tonights game culminates it, makes me love this team.

    Nice to win the final regular season game as Charlotte Bobcats.


    It reminds me of the Flint Michigan Megabowl!

    so proud.  so proud.

    Man you can tell the genuine excitement in Kemba's voice in that post game interview. the players really needed a season like this to keep them for committing sepukku or something. 


    now lets go celtics!

    That was a hell of a win... Now the Celtics have to bring it on home for us.

    Wiz are starting to run away with this. That Boston loss is going to cost Charlotte the 6 seed. 

    Wizards up 13 with 1:50 left in the 3rd

    Apr 16 2014 08:47 PM

    Nice win heading into the playoffs. The fact they made the playoffs shows how far this team has come. I don't care who they play at this point. Just great to have a horse in the playoff race for a change. 

    How the hell was that not a clear path ?


    It wasn't a clear path foul because Hendo didn't have possession of the ball.