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Taking a deeper look at the Bobcats loss to the Bulls

Excellent analysis below on the causes behind the Bobcats 5 game losing streak in general and last night's Bulls loss in particular by DNBMan

Wallace, Carroll, Felton, Richardson, and Dudley are all solid NBA
players. You could make arguments for other guys on the team being
successful in certain situations. (I still think Brezec could be a good
C somewhere, hopefully here.)

The problem is Vincent hasn't
figured out how to run them together, which is important because all of
our guys have a significant flaw that makes them unable to simply go
out and ball. We can't have Wallace continue to shoot so many shots
outside. We can't simply pass to JRich out of the three point line and
let him pull up every time. We can't have Felton dribbling so much.
We've got to develop some inside game that takes advantage of those
guys' strengths. And, we have to figure out a way to play between the
three point line and the rim. That part of our offense has been

There was one play that Chicago did last night
that showed what a great offensive team does that we don't. Rather than
hanging around the three point line, Hinrich cuts toward the bassline
to set a screen for, I believe, Deng. Deng was already hot, so
instantly, the defense collapsed on him as they were expecting him to
get the ball. After Hinrich sets the screen, he cuts to the three point
line. Gordon, the player with the ball then passes it to Hinrich, who
has three weeks to plant his feet, get a good look, and shoot the ball.
However, the play isn't just about the three point shot. The play
generate so many options. If the D doesn't cover the now free Deng,
he's got an open look from 8 feet. If Hinrich's man stays with him and
the other D collapses on Deng, the ball handler should have a shooter
or cutter on the weak side. It's a simple play that keeps the defense
thinking and generates open looks.

I don't blame the lack of
plays like that on our players; I blame it on the coaching. None of or
wing players run any semblance of an offense. It's not as if Felton
isn't running the play and then McInnis or DA or Richardson try to run
it. There seems to be no plays. The only things I notice much of at all

  • our 2 and 3s making a quick run towards the basket and then checking back to the three point line.

  • Felton gives the ball to the 2, runs to space, and then they pass it back out to him.

  • Felton with the pick and roll with one of our bigs

  • questionable drive to the basket, with nobody else making much movement.

  • questionable three point shot, with nobody else making much movement.

  • rebounds and transition baskets.

need to have plays that our get our guys closer to the basket. That
Hinrich/Deng play would be perfect for Wallace and Felton, as it plays
to two of their strengths: Wallace's ability to attack the rim/shoot a
short jumper and Felton's outside shooting. For Richardson, we should
be setting all kinds of screens, helping him attack the basket rather
than relying on 3 point shooting and circus shots. If those guys are
going to play together, it's going to be because they play as part of a
holistic approach to offense and not a back and forth of 1-on-1
attacks. And lastly, our guys have to keep their hands up! My God it's
been frustrating seeing players unprepared to receive passes. Last
night, Nocioni, Deng, Wallace, and Thomas all had their hands up when a
play was running, allowing them to quickly finish plays after sharp
interior passes. And since they were used to the idea, they all seemed
very adept at making interior passes. I was jealous last night of their
ability to move the ball, and you can't convince me that Tyrus Thomas
and Ben Wallace are better passers than Okafor, Brezec, Dudley, and

Again, my point is that we need to instill in our
players a dynamic set of basic principles on offense: settting screens,
interior passing, etc. Once we do that, we can take advantage of the
non-traditional group of folks we have. Until then, we're going to live
and die by fast break points and three point shots.