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Liquid Wayno Inspires the Charlotte Bobcats to a 9 point win over the Cleveland Cavaliers

It was one of those moments that tugs at your heart.

The Charlotte Bobcats were in a tough matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers and hopes were looking bleak. They needed an inspiration, They needed someone who could lift their hopes, someone who could inspire them to believe that "YES, All of our dreams are achievable".  Who could give the Bobcats this kind of hope? Who could lift their spirits? Who could it be?

Enter Liquid Wayno... During a timeout as heads in Bobcats Arena were hanging and all hope appeared to be lost, A man strides out onto the court. Not just any man, out strides the 6 foot 6 inch, 245 pound, 2.4% body fat basketball PHENOM better known as Liquid Wayno. The Charlotte Bobcats were awed by his presence. His task was simple, All that he needed to do was to display his flawless Reggie-Miller-Like shooting stroke to the masses.  The effects of witnessing the utter purity of his jumper would lift the Bobcats spirits and inspire them to play superior basketball for the remainder of the game.

Here is how that demonstration went.

I hope you enjoyed that!

The Bobcats are now 2-0 in the Silas era.


  • DJ Augustin in particular seems to be benefiting tremendously from the coaching change. 20-29 shooting over the past 2 games with only 2 turnovers.

  • Jax. 38 points on 11-24 shooting with only 2 turnovers. Apparently he is enjoying having the green light


  • As good as he is playing offensively there is still some concern over Augustin's defense. He is going to have to tighten that up.

  • Gerald Henderson. He went 1-6 last game and only got 3 minutes of action on the court this game. I would think that this run and gun style would suit him perfectly. Maybe he isn't taking the open shot which is the one thing under Silas that will get you splinters on the bench

If you're in need of a more serious detailed recap and my silliness is a little too much for you today, I'll point you over to our friends at Bobcats Baseline. They do a good job.

Next up, The Golden State Warriors


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