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Staying Alive: Bobcats hang on and beat the Cavaliers 98-97

The Bobcats have become about as streaky as any team can be, following a four game losing streak with a four game winning streak. But playing at home against arguably the worst team in the NBA, and struggling to hold onto a one point win, does not inspire confidence in this team. It's true that the Cavs came off their biggest win of the season against the Miami Heat but they had to travel and play the 'Cats in a back-to-back game. Stephen Jackson, Charlottes' best player, did not return for the second half because of his lingering hamstring injury, but Jackson, 3 points and 2 assists,  was not having a major impact and the 'Cats trailed by three points at the half.

The Bobcat player that did have a major impact, Boris Diaw, led the team with 26 points and added 7 rebounds and 11 assists. Diaw remains an enigma for many 'Cats fan playing "big" on rare occasions like this game - on these occasions he shows the kind of impact he can have on a game. Three other Bobcats players scored in double figures; K. Brown 16, G. Henderson 14, D. Cunningham 12. DJ Augustin added 12 assists as the Bobcats had a balanced team attack against the Cavs.

The win leaves the 'Cats in the ninth position in the Eastern Conference playoff race. The Pacers, eighth place, beat Detroit and hold the head-to-head tie breaker with Charlotte. The only thing the Bobcats can do in their chase for the playoffs is continue to win and hope that the Pacers lose at some point.

The Good: Boris Diaw with 26 pts. 7 rebounds and 11 assists; balanced offense; low turnovers 7.
The Bad: Three point shooting, 25%.
The Ugly: Nothing.

Next Game: The Bobcats versus the Magic, Friday, April 1, 7:00 pm EDT


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