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Bobcats’ Games 2-3 of This Year Look Depressing...

Nov 09 2012 04:08 PM | Blogcat in Dallas Mavericks

  The only one who could play any defense on Shannon Brown on Wednesday night was Charlotte Observer beat reporter Rick Bonnell.  Bonnell limited the Suns’ Brown to just 4 3-pointers in his write-up of the Bobcats’ loss to Phoenix.  The only problem is...

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The Dallas Mavericks defeat the Charlotte Bobca...

Feb 06 2011 07:01 AM | ziggy in Dallas Mavericks

Well, that's 14 straight. 14 consecutive beatdowns that we've suffered against the Dallas Mavericks, 14 straight L's against this squad. What is it about the Mavs that completely baffles the Bobcats? Is it Dirk? Admittedly Dirkis a great player and a f...

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Preview: Bobcats at Dallas Mavericks 10/27/2010

Oct 27 2010 01:21 AM | Andrew Barraclough in Dallas Mavericks

Ahh, it is upon us!  The tip-off to the 2010-2011 NBA Regular Season!  This is an exciting time to be a fan, probably the only few weeks all the "major" sports are running.  Baseball wrapping up whatever it is before the pitchers and catchers are calle...

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Bobcats / Mavs Highlights and Lowlights from la...

Nov 19 2008 06:33 AM | ziggy in Dallas Mavericks

This got very ugly very quick. If you are a Mavs fan then I'm sure that you'll enjoy this clip, However if you're a Bobcats fan then I would advise that you watch this in very small doses... Maybe 20 seconds at a time.You've been warned.  

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Charlotte Bobcats / Dallas Mavericks Recap 11/19

Nov 19 2008 05:56 AM | Guest in Dallas Mavericks

Yikes, has the first quarter ended yet?  If the NBA decided for some reason that the first quarter of all games tonight didn’t count, the Bobcats would have won.  By one.  28 to 10 in the first quarter.  I got the game late as usual and s...

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Charlotte Bobcats / Dallas Mavericks Preview 11/18

Nov 18 2008 05:30 PM | Guest in Dallas Mavericks

Bobcats vs. Mavericks  “Absentee owner’s” team vs. “Owner who is being sued and is the face of their franchise’s” team    Seriously could there be 2 owners that were more polar opposites?  Mark Cuban has been the most vocal owner in the...

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Mavericks 97, Bobcats 84: Blogcat's Take

Dec 27 2006 05:10 AM | Guest in Dallas Mavericks

Very little irony to be had in Tuesday’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks; the whole thing was as familiar as a rerun of Seinfeld. Everything went exactly as you would imagine: Dirk Nowitzki may be searching for freedom, but he’s not searching...

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