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Charlotte Bobcats / Dallas Mavericks Preview 11/18

Bobcats vs. Mavericks 

“Absentee owner’s” team vs. “Owner who is being sued and is the face of their franchise’s” team   

Seriously could there be 2 owners that were more polar opposites?  Mark Cuban has been the most vocal owner in the NBA for the last 5 years.  He’s been in the local paper and on WFNZ twice as many times as Bobcats’ owner Bob Johnson.  It’s not because Charlotte has a fascination with Cuban, it’s because he has a love affair with the NBA and wants everyone everywhere to hear what he’s got to say about it.  Like it or not, we do, loud and clear.  Bob on the other hand, hasn’t spoken to the city since the end of last season when he complained of getting no help from the area business community.   

Cuban has found himself in trouble with the commissioner plenty of times but now, a billionaire tech/web trader, he finds big trouble with the SEC.  Right now he’s just being sued by the feds for whatever he gained by using his insider knowledge of mamma.com to make/save himself $750,000 or more back in 2004.  There are no criminal charges at this point but that’s not to say there won’t be.  I’m sure for people who deal in these things it’s not a huge deal (people who are worth billions but not in the press everyday for shooting their mouth off), but for a vocal majority-owner of a successful NBA franchise this is massive.  Cuban has drawn attention to himself so much that something like this is bound to happen.  They did it to Martha Stewart, why not Cubes?   

I think that this is just something blown up by ESPN because that’s what they do: they make controversial characters in sports into huge stories when things like this happen.  Look at TO’s “suicide/OD” attempt, Isaiah’s OD, Tom Brady, SpyGate, the Cowboys, Pacman Jones, steroids.  They will spend about 10 minutes covering the Celtics’ championship but hours and hours speculating what Tom Brady had for lunch with Giselle or whoever he’s dating.  ESPN is to sports as E! or Entertainment Tonight is to celeb-retards.  Glad I could get that off my chest.  Oh and PS I know you’re going to read this Simmons because I mentioned the Celtics, we all know you can’t get enough Boston sports.  You can suck it too pal, seriously, no one except for people who are wicked retaaaaaded, care about Boston nearly as much as you.  We get it you’ve been to Vegas and had a great time.  We understand you don’t appreciate any city’s franchises except ones you bet on regularly and ones out of the Northeast.  Breakdown some sports action for once, unless you just don’t understand what goes on between the lines on the field of play.  Keep on watching MTV and go back to doing a local blog about Boston.  Seriously you suck and we all agree on it.  You shouldn’t get excited like you’re one of those devisive people that we all secretly adore, we’re tired of your crap, we’re sick of you being on ESPN.com, ESPN Podcasts, ESPN E:60.  Shut up and go away. 

On to tonight’s game: the Bobcats are closing out their longest home stand of the year.  The 6th straight game at home after hitting the road only twice for overnighters so far this season.  The Mavs are not playing well so far.  3 wins and 7 losses, their worst start since 2000.  They have a new coach this year in the offseason that involved lots of guys that could make the playoffs but not get over the hump being fired.  Cuban probably couldn’t stand to listen to former coach Avery Johnson’s voice any longer, kicked him to the curb and brought in Rick Carlisle.  Rick hasn’t done much that I can recall.  Maybe a few good runs in Indiana and Detroit?  Anyway, Mavs are not the Mavs we all remember from the past few years.   

Charlotte has not been doing that great with their new coach either, but rather than a step sideways or even backwards, we took a huge step forward in the head coaching department.  No worries or even questions there.  Availability could be an issue: Jason Richardson will still be out, probably, if so expect to see Matt Carroll.  Will we see Sean May start again?  I don’t know.  He was effective against Utah but not so much Sunday Afternoon against Orlando.  So is he due?  Big need is someone to step out and guard Dirk, who actually played well for against New York who has a similar front line to the ‘Cats.  That is to say, thin foreign rookie, overweight PF/C, hard working but undersized defensive and rebounding “center” and a few other guys that don’t do a whole lot for anyone on a regular basis.  Likely similar matchups except the Bobcats play better defense as a team.  Knicks average 105.5 against while the Bobcats average 93.   

I don’t like the matchups but this is the NBA, roll the ball out and play.  Mavs aren’t that great and they’re distracted.  Bobcats aren’t great and have been home for like 2 weeks.  Come on boys, need this one, don’t we?