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Preview: Bobcats at Dallas Mavericks 10/27/2010

Ahh, it is upon us!  The tip-off to the 2010-2011 NBA Regular Season!  This is an exciting time to be a fan, probably the only few weeks all the "major" sports are running.  Baseball wrapping up whatever it is before the pitchers and catchers are called in for training in 3 weeks, NASCAR wrapping things up with the Chase for the Cup and Jock.  NFL in full swing with Brett Favre drama, does that ever actually end?  Hockey, College Football, MLS, it's all happening but what we all really love, the sport with probably the most drama, NBA basketball tips off for 6 teams on Tuesday night.  Watching Boston and Miami as I type...meaningful basketball!  Love it.

The Bobcats open their campaign on the road against the only team they have yet to beat:  The Dallas Mavericks.  So many easy, lame jokes can be made about them, most of which have something to do with the republican presidential nominees last go-round and their bombastic owner Mark Cuban.  Talk about more money than sense...dude wanted to buy the Rangers!  What's that?  Umm, This just in to BigCat, the Rangers are in the World Series...Congrats to them.

The first thing I've read about this game opens like this:  "Despite posting at least 50 wins in each of the last 10 seasons, the Dallas Mavericks are still trying to secure the franchise's first NBA title."  HA!  50 wins is pretty substantial but 4 of those 10 years they were bounced in the first round.  I feel bad for anybody who can't make it out of the fir...What's that?  Umm, this just in...YOUR Charlotte Bobcats made their first playoff appearance last year and were summarilly bounced by Orlando.  Win some lose some, either way I don't like Dallas.

If this is your first time reading one of my posts, let me give you a rundown of things I don't like:  Bill Simmons, Charlotte Observer Sports Department, LeBron James, frontrunner fans which includes but is not limited to:  (formerly) Cleveland Fans, Orlando Fans, Heat Fans (seriously, unless you have a Rony Seikaly jersey don't mention it to me), Boston Fans, People who think Kobe is as good as MJ, Boston Fans, away team's fans standing up and popping jerseys, Boston Fans (especially Bill Simmons), Loud-Mouth Owners and finally, fans of the Boston Celtics.

Reasons I don't like Dallas:  Let go of Avery Johnson, Let go of Nellie, Mark Cuban (I won't do the same as I did with Boston above but he's most of the reasoning behind my hate), Dirk Nowitski and the fact that he's German and really good and ugly and also dumb (see fiancee who ripped him off).  Also, I figure the same people who like the Cowboys like the Mavs so: guilty by association.

Whatever my feelings are, it doesn't matter, here's the game breakdown, the X's and O's if you will.  Match-ups:

DJ Augustin vs Jason Kidd  -  Kidd wins, sorry, size and those wiley veteran moves he's got plus talent equals Kidd>The Kid

Stephen Jackson vs Jason Terry  -  Jackson, hands...down.  Jason Terry's socks, I've got nothing, his socks are ridiculous and I wanted to mention them.  Jack should have a strong game, maybe they put Kidd on him...that opens up DJ's speed.  We'll see the overall but I think Jack's in for some serious play this year especially against smaller dudes.

Gerald Wallace vs Caron Butler  -  No idea on this one, I don't think it's a good match-up for Gerald for some reason.  Like they negate each other but the scales tip to Gerald's overall hustle?  Does that make sense?  No?  Sorry.

Boris Diaw vs Dirk Nowitski  -  Umm, next question.  Sidebar:  I've heard people blame Boris's perceived weight gain on the French national team's jerseys.  Meanwhile, they pitch a fit in France, big riots and strikes, because they don't want to work 'til age 62.  Hmm, who's lazy?  PS, France vs Germany...we know how this one goes.

Nazr Mohammed vs Brendan Haywood  -  This one, going out on a limb, I'm going to say Nazzy pulls this one off and out-performs Haywood.  I have seen where Tyson Chandler (former Bobcat, incidentally) might play, might start but I think he's probably burned up.  Playing in the World Championships, hurting the hand, sitting for a while, moving, being traded for nothing...don't know what he brings, which is why I'm happy he's not here.

I feel like the Bobcats bench measures up well against that of Dallas.  Tyrus Thomas, Derrick Brown (who I think will have a huge year) and the rest of them will bring solid play that won't be too much of a letdown.  My only concern:  Who other than TT brings a spark off the bench offensively?  Or at all for that matter?  I haven't seen a whole lot of the pre-season.  I just moved up to the Raleigh area, I know, don't cry, my season tickets are in good hands, I hope.  I don't know which games were televised up here, what channel, I'm going cheap with the no cable box, no DVR (If you're curious as to why, I'll tell ya in a later blog maybe).  I just have to hope Wednesday night I can find the game, hopefully no Hurricanes, we'll see.

So, to me, Dallas is all Dirk.  I really am not impressed with Tyson Chandler, Jason Kidd farts dust, as does Jason Terry, if he ever was a threat in this league and I don't see a whole lot out of Butler and Haywood.  I've been wrong but I think we're due to beat these guys.  Plus I'd love to hear Mark Cuban complain.


Final Score:  Bobcats 96  -  Mavs 89

Over/Under on Technical Fouls:  3  (I'll take the over with Jack and Dirk)

Surprise of the game:  Matt Carroll with 9 minutes of PT, 11 Points.  Dallas was only giving him 4.8 in the 25 games he entered last season.